Wednesday, April 15, 2009

made in penang

I managed to explore my other passion this week......crafting. I learn this craft from an expert,a hobbyist who has a hut (fully air-conditioned) within her house compound; just to put all her hobby stuffs. When I entered her hut, all I can say is...WOW! She does quilting (bedspread, table runners, tea cozy & such but I prefer bags as of now)

My first project was a simple (so cikgu says) patchwork bag;

...and my second project is also a bag, they called it cenille. This one is a little complicated as it has a total of 7 layers of cotton fabric + 1 layer (forgot the name)
I took a total of about 8 hrs to complete. I do not own this special machine (I have a normal that I use to sew curtains, remnants & other straight, simple stuffs) but that does not hinder me from doing it as i start & finish at cikgu's house. Thanks cikgu.
Cost of doing it?? Hmmm boleh tahan juga, tapi suka punya pasal......hentamm sajalah labu....

Brief steps to make this bag;
1. Layer the materials together, then quilt it (sew diagonally) at 1/2" interval.
2. Then slice (cut thru) the materials in between the quilt lines. That makes those inside materials visible, hence those pinkish diagonal lines that seems peeping.
3. Shape the bag.
4. Install handle.
5. Fit inside layer; hand-sewn.
6. Finish-happy...

I intend to put photos of the hut inside out if she permits it plus my other project which is on the way. till then have a nice day.

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