Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nahe nahe nahe

Mesyar ye toh nahe....
mesyar ye toh nahe...

magel he hasi....

mere tuj ko muj ko....

(hentam sajalah labu...i don't even know if the above was correct)

He suddenly stopped breathing!
Checked heartbeat, nahe (hindustan sikit)
Drove to the nearest clinic, they don't have the necessary equipment to diagnose.
Took him to the specialist...
'Oooo, he has to be warded and quarantined...' (he --> because it cannot reproduce, otherwise i would have a back up).

Filled up the form, given the serial no &....' we will contact you in a few days time...'

Back home, i was like....lost.....


My Mac Mini....i miss you

Ha ha the gimmic.
Now i'm using DH's computer.....


  1. Hello MakKantin, Holy Smoke! I got worried read the first few lines and wondering apa language you saying.
    Bila kala you belajar Hindi? Ha ha.

    You Mac Mini ada hiccups or HN1N?
    And you left it at the 'clinic'?
    Hope you got no secrets in the HD.
    Anyway, hope Mac gets well soon.
    You keep well, best regards, Lee.

  2. hi Uncle Lee, itu language ada hindustan sikit, i pun tak faham, ha hah.

    My Mac Mini still in 'clinic'. I just hope just a hiccup, however if it's otherwise...he he have to put my hat....to buy a new one...ha this time i really have to sing a proper hindustani song!

  3. as a husband, I will try best to run around the coconut tree and ensure wifey mck doesn't catch up with me to buy the 27" iMac... then i will have to sing...

    MaiNn Shaayar To Nahiin
    Magar Ai Ha.Nsiin
    Jabase Dekhaa, Mai.Nne Tujhako, Mujhako
    Shaayarii, Aa Gai
    wa cabut-cabut

  4. waaaa, lagi pandai nyanyi...mintak tolong Bablefish.com ye!