Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lunch out & dine in

Adil has been discharged, and automatically I too being discharged from the hospital. 

While at hospital, I had lunch outside once, when my brother & sis-in-law came over. We had this Thai-styled food without tomyam....

Place: Larut Road, Penang (beside KFC and opposite Royal Hotel)
Time: Afternoon so obviously its hot and sweaty

Daging merah, kailan ikan masin, telur dadar, 
kerabu mango & crispy prawn(sedap)

Vegetarian dinner......

Fettuccine with pasta sauce and steamed vege 

Pasta Sauce:
made by Adil, the orang sakit (ouch ouch, while cooking)

Saute chopped garlic and sliced onions.
Add pasta sauce (i used Prego sauce)
Stir in about 1 cup cream (i used whipping cream)
Salt n pepper to taste



  1. Hello McKantin, saya suka that lunch of yours shown here. I think for me da tentu dua pingan. Tengok tu betul sedap.
    By the way, where is a good makan shop for nasi kandar or banana leaf rice?

    I know there's a very nice stall selling mee rebus, I think Ayer Hitam, outside a kedai kopi. Used to go there very often old days, '70s.

    I sure miss Penang food...bila saya balek kampong, pagi, malam nak makan my favourites...
    You have fun, and hope you feeling better now. Keep well, and simpan satu lagu dalam hati, Lee.

  2. Uncle Lee,

    Come to Penang, i take you on food tour! Makan nasi atas Banana leaf, pohpia basah, laksa, mee rebus, roti canai, tosei...list goes on. since u org very lama here, probably Hameediah in Campbell St rang a bell to u, its still there.

  3. Asalam MCK..kalau nekcik mai penang ..boleh ke bawak nekcik makan makan ye!!