Friday, December 9, 2011

Miss Ginger...

Its december & its school holidays.

Many parents took few days off from work to go on a Q-holidays with the children.

Others find time to go shopping, movies or send them to motivational camps.

How else do you keep them occupied?

My friend has twin girls, Maya & Miya (tumpang anak orang je, anak kite dah besau panjang) & they recently spent time in the kitchen........baking.

And bila dah baking, aunty kathy pun dapat tumpang sekaki le.......

I got miss ginger yg patah kaki.......
(the kaki broke while packing)


  1. Salam singgah. Menarik cookies ni..

  2. Salam Nur,
    TQ kerana singgah. Ya, baked by 11 yr old twins

  3. holiday tuh enaknya melancong :)

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  4. kesian miss ginger sebab tak dapat teman gingerbread man.

  5. DrSam,
    sayang ye, they only have the miss acuan, so mister tak wujud lah :)

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