Saturday, February 20, 2010


It's been sometime since i last posted bags & purses that i made. As sewing & crafting is also my other passion, i do make them in between chores.
For now i'd display two of those that i made. I like these unique purses.

1. Passport Holder

Material: Japanese Yarn & American cotton

Zippered slots outside, cards & notes slots on the inside

Zippered slots (room for 2 passports)

Inside; card slots and pocket big enough for RM50 notes

Actually, I should have this labelled as bags/purses and not Quilt/Patchwork. I'll change that slowly once i have enough items to categorized.

2. Long Purse.

This purse comes with long strap so you can either sling across your shoulder or just carry it the normal way

Material: Corduroy & natural leather strap

Measured 23 x 14 cm with one pocket at the back

4 slots + 1 zippered pocket inside

I have a few more to display but let's keep it to some other days


  1. I love all your bags... especially yang passport holder tue... sweet :)


  2. i keep wondering why she make slots for 2 passports, as the hubby's copy is always with him

  3. oh i do envy u so! patut tukar nama dari mck ke mct (makcik tailor) ;)

  4. I love bags too, but just don't have the patience to sew them myself. Besides nil knowledge on how to go about doing it. Hahaha

  5. Salam Ijan,
    Timacih, saja nak tayang bagi jelesss

  6. Alahai abang troy, buat tak tau pulak, kan you bawak pasport masa nak tunjuk kat imegresen je, pas2 pass kat i kan untuk di simpan...kan kan kan.

    Dyana, bukan No tapi YES - cantik & tq.

  7. KOG -envy cara sihat tak pe. mck tukar pi mcT...satni ah kim tailor tak leh cari makan pulak...

    MAMA - sama je kite, mama patient ngan cuppies, makcik patient ngan bags, ha ha meh kita exchange mau ka?
    BTW, awat rumh baru mama tak leh pos komen? or rather tak tau camna nak pos comment

  8. Hello Mack Kantin, wow! Designer purses, made by you. Gosh! You are talented.
    Must put MK label somewhere on the purse.
    They are beautiful. Cost $US 250?
    Ha ha, have a nice day, Lee.

  9. Dear Uncle Lee,
    thank you. i'm thinking of your earlier 'SAMBAL' brand, that sounds better! have a good day :-)