Monday, April 26, 2010

Leng Chee Kang

Leng Chee Kang

Just want to share what i did today...other than the normal cooking lah.

My version of Leng Chee Kang is quite simple. All i do is visit a chinese herbal/drug store & tell him/her you want to buy stuff for leng chee kang. He can suggest or you can tell what you want.  

basic items

Refer photo above, clockwise from top left:
1. Lotus seed, dried longan, almond-like nuts & lo-han-ko (the dark greenish round fruit;wash and just crack the skin a little bit)
2. White fungus, soak in water for about 1 hour.
3. Sugared winter melon (halwa/gula kundur)
4. Honey comb sugar (or rock sugar)- add last before serving 

Boil everything except honey comb sugar. I use my rice cooker, set to 2 hours , close lid and leave to boil.

Sugared winter melon actually provides sweetness to the leng chee kang; i don't add sugar into mine, however you can add honeycomb sugar if you like- it dissolves in the hot leng chee kang.




  1. sedap makan esp kalau tengah demam n takde selera

  2. musim2 panas ni mmg sedap dpt makan nih! ok saya tipu... musim tak panas pun sedap!!!
    gambar header tu cun la mck!!!

  3. sedapnyaaa... nanti nak buat lah.
    btw, gambar baru family makcik tu cantik la.. u all mmg boleh jd model "keluarga bahagia singer"..

  4. dyana,

    jom buat, senang je, 2-steps cooking; pi kedai bli barang, balik rebus

    Kali ni buat pasal MIL tak dak selera lah.

  5. lina,

    ya betul, musim tak panas sodap. header cantik, mck cun tak?


    buatlah...simple 3 steps..1) go buy stuff 2) Go boil them..3) apa lagi, eat them lah.
    eh heh kite orang ni jadi 'keluarga bahagia nikon'

  6. sedappppp !!!!!

    first time singgah.. salam tuan rumah dulu :)

  7. waalaikumsalam abang long, jemputlah masuk.

  8. Finally after months and months of procrastination, I've logged in!! You have done a wonderful job on your blog... keep up the good work... and nice to see "my purse" on show. Bless you.

  9. welcome daphne, i hope you continue to enjoy my many many different stories here.

  10. Hello Makcik Kantin, saya da lama ta'makan ni.
    This supposed to be a 'cooling' drink when body feel hot.
    I used to love it when cold. Sedap!
    You have fun and stay young, Lee.

  11. Uncle Lee,

    Ya, u reminded me...'leng' is suppose to mean 'cool' if i'm not mistaken. Chee Kang tu 'wa em chai' = 'i don't know'

  12. boh la, Leng? Leng looi tampok tampok

  13. adooiiii, kalu leng 'looi'...lajuuuu je