Monday, April 19, 2010

Patchwork with a touch of leather

Remember my half-done bag project? And remember my entry about my MIL got admitted?

Well, while juggling going to hospital and back home, I also made time to complete my project. Though I tried to do it myself, cikgu still help my last bit, ie handle installation as i couldn't make it at that time.

And I am proud of the finish product;

finalizing bits and pieces

this handle was done from cikgu

the finished products...of two happy owners.
Similar but not identical

You rock! Thank you CIKGU

To complement the above, we get to 'hands-on' a gift box each.

Thank you Hanim for willingly coming over to the house, considering the limited time that i can spend outside the house at the moment and thanks Noraini for the company.
I have to consider separating my sewing into BAGS and QUILT (bedspread/pot holder/table runner & such) as i have to consider finishing my 'unfinished' quilt.


  1. ehem ehem. nanti kami sampaiiii. bag ni lagi menarik dari yg aritu. hehe.

    adakah symptom cerewet nadiah sudah sampai kat diyana? ahahaha.

  2. everyone has the right to be cerewet dear....kalu tidak tak ada la beribu2 design baju/bag/kasut for u to choose from.....depending whether u willing to part with the $$$$. he he he

  3. Bag yang dah buat tu (this new one & the ones in prev posts) ada yg nak jual tak?

  4. ubiS,

    this new one cek punya, tak buat extra lagi....yang in previous posts..most dah ada yang beli. coming coming entry..insyallah ye & tima kasih ye singgah sini

  5. ni pakcikkantin duk meleleh nak beg kamera kulit...jeng jeng :p

  6. Salam Makcik,
    I'll be happy too if the twins are mine. hehhe.... cantik dan kemasnye!!! :)