Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Have this will travel.......

Passport holder.

A nostalgic 3. 

I did this while taking care of my mum; me rushing to meet my delivery promise, mum fighting for her life... never missed my prayers for her....amin. 

Lady in Red 

Sweet Pastel

Cutie Dottie

Zippered, two slotted (fits a passport) on the outside. 
Card  & note slots inside. 

All three has its owners, thank you Janz.


  1. as usual, all of ur creation memang dabommm. tadak sapa boleh lawan.

  2. aahh, comelnya! esp cutie dottie tu

  3. i second kog. the dot one very comel ;) mck... i envy ur sewing talent ^_^

  4. dyana,
    ehem ehem --DABOOOMMM :-)


    cutie dotie tu comel cam makcik tau (sajala nak bagi tau)


    TQ, masih blaja lagi....

  5. Hi McKantin, wow! You are very creative. Real designer bags, by you.
    Where's your initials, 'MK'?
    Just like YSL.....put it in a corner....market it on Ebay....US35.00 or US $50.00.

    Love your creations....I'm sure lots of women would love to have these designer bags....
    But put your 'MK' somewhere....
    (I've been a marketing man 40 years, ha ha....always have these thoughts, ha ha).

    Hows your mom? Hope she's better.
    Best regards, Lee.

  6. hi uncle Lee,

    Thx, i'm trying to get someone print the "McK" for me, that's why i only have the 'Handmade' now.

    eh? you TERforget meh? my mom passed away on 17 june....

  7. Hello Makcik Kantin, I really minta ma'af, my sincere apologies. I didn't know about your mom passing away.
    I do remember she was sick.
    I'm sorry.

    I dropped by to read your previous post, 'French Paradox'. Ya la, you should see the Americans....the moment we cross the border into US, we see lots of King Kongs....Holy Smoke, you cannot imagine the number of fat, obese Americans. According to US studies, 60% are obese!

    Look at any US movie, their cops are fat...people around fat.....except the actresses.
    My wife makan vegetables like a rabbit, I too. And eat lots of tau fu, and drink Chinese green tea.

    You keep well Makcik, and once again, my sincere apologies. Lee.

  8. Salam Makcik,
    Paling suke yang sweet pastel tu :D

    Nak ucapkan selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubarak buat Makcik sekeluarga... dan selamat berpuasa :)