Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bila cinta sudah berbunga....

When love blooms.........(direct translation)

Jangan terpengaruh pada tajuk ye. 
I am still waiting for ideas to flow 'out' naturally from inside of me, otherwise my entry would look fake and stiff
I obviously did something interesting these few weeks but I just cannot put them into words that would best express my emotion/feelings.....hmmm (imagine/bayangkan) if i were to be an author; no idea means no writing, no writing means no publication, no publication means no payment and no payment means MISS SORU {:-) this simply translates to no food on the table!}......  

Inspired by an image seen in one of my emails, son 2 asked me to help him with the task;

  1.  Two pieces of bread, spread with butter, cut off the center of one piece ( i press with  cookie cutter) and stack on the other uncut piece.
  2.  Break one egg carefully into the cut area, sprinkle with salt & pepper.
  3.  Bake @ 180 C for about 15 mins or until egg is cooked/bread turns brownish.
  4.  Serve it anyway you like.

The love......

The Bloom

Love your stomach

My love checking his skills 
on this 'game of the drums' recently at One-U
(tidak ada kena mengena dgn tajuk diatas)


  1. cinta kalau berbuah, kenyang lah sikit kita kan... :)

  2. heh heh, lepas 9 bulan selalunya berbuah, tu yg kenyang.....:-D

  3. MCK, nanti pi rumah u, u buat kat i roti bloom..

  4. Very nice idea... nak buat untuk Faiz lah :D