Monday, November 15, 2010

Time to pile up....

.........your fat!
That is time when you are dormant. 
Though surrounded by shopping complexes, I didn't indulge in it. 
Instead, I made sure my tummy's well taken care of; heavy breakfast, heavy lunch, snacks in the room, heavy dinner = heavy me!

Stayed here over the weekend

Managed to complete this project....

New Project...WIP(work in progress)

Sorry no foodie post, too busy eating to capture any.

- I accompanied pakcik on his work assignment.
- It was actually a relaxation for me as i was busy catering  the last two weeks.


  1. ikut gmbr tuh pengguna dslr gak tuh. boleh turun ilmu sket2 tak?

  2. pasepa tak bagitau makchak mai sini. boleh kami p sana tumpang makan skali. ahahaha.

    ishh, apa punya anak menakan la ni. bukannya nak ajak mai rumah tp nak p perabih makanan kat sana pulak kan. ahahaha.

  3. eelobor,

    ilmu?? :)) bolehhhhh, pakcik punya ilmu lagi banyak, makciknye cipuuutttt je.


    tulah kan, sorilah lupa kat u oranglah masa tu :-D

  4. Rajinnye makcik menjahit..
    kalau saya, dok rilek2 sambil minum2 je kat lobi hotel hehehehe :)

  5. salam ijan,

    camna tak rajin, pakcik demam sebenarnya, so he just spent his time sleeping, only went down when org dah sampai utk di interview.