Saturday, April 9, 2011


Buat ni bila my kakak called up saying she's coming over to my house later in the afternoon.

It was earlier that same morning that mem demonstrated her scones making talent to a few of us; dolly, hanim and myself upon invitation from the host linda.

(source: Noraini aka mem)


8 oz self raising flour
2 oz margarine/butter
pinch of salt
2 oz cheese (i combine mozza/cheddar)
1/2 pint sour milk (*)


- Set oven to 400*F / 200*C.
- Grease baking tray/line with baking paper
- Sift flour and salt
- Add butter and use rub-in method till it resembles bread crumb
- Add in cheese, use fork to incorporate
- Make well in center and pour sour milk
- Mix to a stiff dough
- On flat surface, knead lightly and roll to about 3/4" thick
- Shape using cutter (if no cutter just cut square of slant for diamond shape using knife)
- Arrange on baking tray, glaze with beaten egg or milk.
- Bake for 15-20 mins (varies with oven)

Serve hot with butter & favourite jam

Alternatively you can replace;
a) cheese with 2 oz sugar + 2 oz fruits (dried of yr choice)
b) sour milk with 1 egg + 1/4 pint milk

How to make Sour milk;
1 tablespoon vinegar to 1 cup milk

1 pint=2 cups=470 ml or refer here for more

Or just with butter....


  1. Ooh, syoknya scones! Dulu pernah try buat sweet potato scones, lupa dah mana dapat resipi tu. Tp scones ni makan panas2 dengan butter & jam, memang nikmatt sangat2 kan makcik.. : )

  2. Hello Makcik, Scones, tea and has always been my favourite.
    As well my ha ha, downfall from a happy bachelor.
    I hilang my Bachelor's degree partly because of scones and raisin tea biscuits.

    My wife or girlfriend then discovered scones my favourite all time cakes.
    She made some for me.
    Habis cherita. Da makan lima, I carried the cook into the sunset, ha ha.

    I love yours, the texture, colour and your finesse.
    Ada lagi?....I will eat tiga only. Because my wife will not allow me two wives. ARHAAAAA HA HA HA.
    Just joke joke, ya.
    Have a nice day Makcik.

    Ps, Boleh I copy your this scone gambar? Bila saya naik angin will publish charge.
    And of course will credit you. Lee.

  3. Salam makcik. Wah, Along suka bebeno dgn scone tapi kat Msia ni blum jumpa lagi scone sesedap cam M&S punya.... nanti nak cuba respi ni. Maceh ya.

  4. Irresistible scones!!! ;)

    Dear, you've been awarded! Pls stop by to collect from me ya! ;)

  5. Assalamualaikum McKantin...waaaah buat scones eh...kita x penah buat...rasa mcm x reti nak makan ala2 mat saleh...kita suka makan kuih2 jek pagi2...hehehee, cekun2 x reti...

  6. Ayu,

    Nikmat dia serupa kita cicah biskut lutut dlm kopi lah...cuma ni ala mat saleh kan?

  7. Uncle Lee,

    Tu dia, kerana scones u hilang Bachelor's degree....

    Of course, u can copy my pleasure...

  8. Along,

    ada satu lagi resepi....guna cream cheese kalu tak silap.....hmmm lagi lemak bercream la kan.

  9. L2C,

    Oh Thank you! I will 'fetch' the award...errr kejap nak pi sewa lori..hahahaha

  10. Ummi,

    Macam tak percaya ummi tak pernah buat ni..... makcik tak layak nak bagi tau...tapi nak buat cekun ni lagi senang drp buat cucoq badak pisang tu tau hehe

  11. made scones once tapi mak mertua ingat jemput²... merajuk tak nak buat lagi, hehe

  12. hahaha KOG,

    betullah tu jemput2. kalau kat m'sia kena kata 'jemput2lah makan' bila jamu scones katalah ' ya MIL, scones in da houseee'