Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bang, pinjam moto...

Kelmarin petang, makcik buat lagi Soft Honey Bun. Sekali lagi jugak ia menjadi, tapi hari ni makcik tak mau cerita pasal food, kalau berminat dengan roti yang lembut bermadu tu, boleh lah refer kat sini ya atau pun pergi terus rumah sifu

Makcik kesian jugak dengan kawan kawan makcik yang tak berapa faham bahasa melayu kampung yang makcik gunakan kat sini, jadi untuk bagi peluang mereka memahami apa yang di celotehkan, kekadang makcik akan tulis omputih lah atau campur campur macam rojak buah.

Rakan rakan kat Malaysia ni rata rata faham bahasa omputih kannn. Janganlah kata makcik ni eksyen pulak bila sesekali speaking okay.....

Have you ever rejected your kid's request to buy toys?
Be it cheap or expensive, you may sometimes find it unnecessary at that time.

Once upon a time (zaman dulu kala??) when i was young and my sons were small, i used to have to reject too.

My son1 :
He never bothered to ask for toys, he only wanted balls, big or small. My husband and i were the ones who would be busy looking for 'proper' toys for him, micro machines, leggos etc....he grew up (still growing now ya) playing football for the school.

From mr gugel
What i said to reject him:
Basically none..(or i may have forgotten?) but I remember rejecting him when he asked me to buy a big 'firecracker' (mercun) for him.

His version of the fire cracker (then)!

an avid photographer now

My son2:
He too, not a boy who'd pull my hand to make me stop at toys section or wail when i said no. Sometimes, he would ask for something that created more 'rubbish' at home than a 'keeper'

What i said to reject him:
I don't have enough money (i just have enough to buy...)

And that seemed to work as every time after that "i don't have enough money..." incident, he will always ask me..."Mak you have enough money?...".
Poor boy, do you have a heart to say NO all the time??

Overgrown baby

BUT, what if you are involved with overgrown boyz who, even if you say no, would go ahead and buy what they want?

Results: House full of big boyz toys

The head of the Grown up Boyz

Few dry-boxes full of not him gadgets

And...not one.............

But three....and counting

Another "ghost"

Ish ish ish

Are you ready??

Bang, tumpang pi market boleh???

AND...why this entry today???

BECAUSE.....i miss all of them! They are all away, leaving me home alone for the past 4 days


  1. patchwork quilt tu salah satu gadget ambik gambar juga ke, makcik?

  2. KOG,
    mata cukup tajam! when he started to go into film photog, dia mintak makcik buatkan dia satu, utk tutup kepala/camera. tu salah satu gadget, tapi tak yah masuk dry box yg tu..:)

  3. adoi la makcik... pecah perut gelak tengok hantu tu dengan motor tu... lawak betul. wakakakaka :D
    Tengok makcik, teringat kat MIL saya, anak 6 orang all boys. Faiz no.1... :)

  4. MCK,

    home alone, eh? dont be up to mischief!
    love this entry, cute :-)

  5. Hi Makcik, ha ha, love this post. Now I be understanding, and love that word, "Omputih".
    For a moment had to scratch my head....ahhhh, Orang puteh!
    Any short cut for Chinese, Malay or Canadians? Arhaaa ha ha.
    Wow, love the big boy's toys....and sure looks expensive too, that camera.

    Ya, I too remember young days asking my mom whether she money? I was more not into toys, but comic books.
    My parents were poor, and when very young given empty boxes to play. So became very innovative, made toys ourselves.

    Then when reached 16 years old, I collected toys too, the walking kind with long hair, *wink*.
    Have a nice day, Makcik.

  6. makchak, i love this entry so much! memand best la specially part saying NO dekat "head" of grown up boys tu. hehe. and diyana pun perasan regarding patchwork quilt tu. hahaha. ingatkan gadget "head" grownup boys juga. hahaha.

    depa p mana makchak?

  7. Love this post, matter how big they've grown, they are still our babies.

  8. Ijan,

    sorilah lambat sikit respon....haha biaq pecah perut, jangan pecah mulut...

    having 2 boys (3 lah + pakcik) pun dah kalut, nikan pulak 6, mau macam tongkang pecah tu.....lalu makcik pun adalah sikit sikit brutal, tak boleh nak control ayu gitu.....

  9. Dolly,
    Yes home alone, tapi dah tak lagi mischief? nonono, me very baik one...ronda ronda sakan only...

  10. Uncle Lee,
    Omputih= orang putih as you already discovered!...or sometime would say.."speaking London.." sorry aaa uncle, no speak Canada here :).

    Yes, children now are luckier..unlike us. I used to use soil (tanah) to make cookies; mix with little water, shape it and put under the sun...kira kira baking lah tu....
    & wahhhh your toys at 16 tu dah dangerous species if you silap langkah, boleh kena pukul tau! but i know you pun taiko...siapa berani pukul kan?

    have a nice day uncle.

  11. Dyana,
    we have to say no every now & then.....
    quilt tu kira part of the gadgetlah...cuma its home-made & tak yah simpan dlm drybox.
    pakcaq pi jakarta & alif has got wedding photog kat sabah & KL after that....tapi dia orang dah balik dah. Adil, cam biasalah, sibukkkkk memanjang

  12. Hi Hanim,
    Missing you here, coincidently, baru sj msg U!
    yes, we & our over-grown babies!

  13. Hi MK, telah berlabur tirai Syaaban menjelma pula Ramadhan.
    Saya ucapkan moga berjaya menunaikan puasa dengan Jayanya.
    My best regards.