Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back home...

Alif was discharged this morning. Back home, all I did was RELAX (sleep&eat). It was also the nasi kandar day (Nasi Kandar Kayu is just across from our house) as i was too lazy (say:tired) to cook.

Late evening, people from health dept came to fog our area (eventhough alif probably contracted dengue in usm..)
With hubby having dinner appointment, Alif @ USM, Adil still watching TV (oh that couch potato of mine!), MIL in her room, I am here trying to figure out how to improve my blog.Still learning.....


  1. Salam makcikkantin...tersesat sini camne ntah! Wah xtau nk panggil apa..or Khadijah..Welcome and be happy to join us here!!! Waiting for your recipes... :D Hope everything will be fine ASAP!! My 3rd dotter also will be sitting for her SPM Exam..ooohhhh!!

  2. sala ummi,
    takpa tersesat ni tak mudarat, dapat kawan lagi...thanks for being 'tersesat'
    recepi coming soon, sibuk lah pulak..tak dan nak lama kat comp...good luck to us..anak nak spm, mak yg gelabah