Saturday, October 11, 2008


Thinking what to put in blog is another 'headache'.....i realised that there's no ending to word 'learn'....
Family comes first in whatever I do. With one hubby (yes-ONE!) and 2 grown up sons, my days are still occupied.People say when your children are grown up, you live an easier life...but have another set/s of issues (i don't want to put that as problem) Eldest is at uni, the 2nd will be sitting for his SPM in 30 days time, OMG he seems relax but me???

Next week will be a busy one for me with few caterings to do. My sons are hosting a shared open house & as usual mother will be the one running here & there to put everything in place. God willing, next update, I will share my experience being a 'superwoman' of the house.


  1. salam..congratulations for opening a new blog. any new recipes to share?

  2. thank you. no recipe yet...coming soooonnnn.