Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monsoon Tour 1

In conjunction with the monsoon cup , my family decided to go on a tour of similar name.
Starting off early 2nd dec, we started the journey via Gerik, troy16 at the wheels, me beside him & son1/son2 zzzzzzzzz behind.

good weather in Baling

Tasik Banding, abuzz with 'Eco Challenge Amanjaya' activity

Drizzling (taken from inside the car) as the landmark showed 'Kelantan'

We managed thru wet 'Pasar Siti Khadijah' 
(to show my eldest as he wasn't there during our first time around a year before)

Hayaki Kopitiam with WiFi @ Jln Kebun Sultan

There's a 24 hours' Kopitiam, called Hayaki, located on both sides of Jalan Kebun Sultan. We sampled toasted bread w half boiled eggs  and nescafe/hazelnut coffee during the night and had nasi dagang for breakfast. 

My three guys were busy with their cameras, tak mau kalah, I kept busy with my handphone camera. 
At Pantai Sabak, Pengkalan Cepa (so said Jimmy, the Kelantanese), we saw fishing boats up on the land for repairs and to be given new facelift. The boats here are very colourful and delicately carved 'headgear'. 

One night in Kelantan, it started to rain heavily  & we decided not to proceed to Terengganu, but a very persuasive abg anuar made us continue driving despite the news of road closure due to flood. He has been calling us since early morning, saying "you better come, it's sunny in Ganu today" 
Abang Anuar was our senior in sekolah sains & we've not met 34 yrs!

Terkejut juga, kena ambik passport nak masuk ke Taman Tamadun Islam(TTI) @ Pulau Wan Man.
He he jangan tak tau...'imegresen' chop paspot tau, both in and out of the place.

passport to enter TTI

TTI features 21 great Islamic Monuments from all over the world, photos below shows some of it

The monuments

A very windy day @ Cendering

 ketupat sotong (infront) and sotong/ikan celup tepung 
@ cendering

Spent a night at a relative's house & went to a kopitiam for coffee later in the night

Killiney  kopitiam (photo is just the front cover of menu), 
dishes ranges from bread to footlong sausages to laksam

nasi dagang Ganu @ batu burok for breakfast

Visited another relative where the main house and a few other small chalet-like sits on a 9 acre land complete with natural lake. We had a boat ride right in front of the house. There's also the bird 'hotel' built for the swiftlet
felt like we were at a resort somewhere......
it's getting too long......i'd better stop
more updates on Monsoon Tour 2 (to be continued)

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