Friday, December 18, 2009

My one year blogging....

source: google image - thank you

It has been a year since my first entry..
I was actually inspired when I bumped into few food pages while googling many years ago, but kept it to myself until i plucked enough courage to come up with this 'public diary' of mine. 

9th oct 2008 - Birth of the domain

once upon a time....
my first photo (a borrowed 'google image') 

I make friends along the way, each of them are unique. 

hanieliza  - her fotopage inspired me

wan-flickr - soulmate who encouraged me into blogging

wan-blog   - his blog, mostly on photography

son1 - supporter

son2 - supporter

nicole - made her 1st comment but she is lost in space now.

ummi - Her 'accident' into my blog (oct30'08) really keep me going, thanks ummi

mamafami - ( 9th feb 09). i started smiling from ear to ear as i had more courage by then.

ummuafiq  - sejuk mata & hati membaca blog ni

linahilmin  - young, beautiful mum, she's more like a daughter to me, saaayang lina 

kucingorengemok  - This 'lempeng to lepat' lady never fail to keep me smile, TQ!

afis   - my sis-in-law who actually suggested my blogname

maisya- never fail to amaze me with her local kuih (& others too)

mamazieza- 'jiran sekampung' rupanya, dah dengar suara, belum bertentang mata

matGebu  - This guy?? excellent!

aniza    - my quilting expert buddy

blogresepi  - admire her, cukup rajin, cuma sejak dia 'pindah rumah' i have problem visiting.

brorozan     - his skills (esp kek lapis) can cause red-face to some ladies

diyana   - anak penakan mak caq yg bila dia beranak, mak dia dah jadi tok! he he

kacip  - unique name, first discovered her in forum (moderator you!!)

Dr HamidSain    - my 'online' doctor. You all should visit him

akakerin   - member senegeri, lama dah dia tak 'masak', pi mana?

uncle lee    - have been his silent reader for a long time before actually 'talked' to him. LOve his long short stories

dolly  - she gave 'birth' to her blog after our sembang che kiah @ sofina's. welcome sis.

wawan   - kawan anak ku yg tetiba berkawan dgn makcikkantin pulak, rock steady wawan!

arniNasir   - my newfound quilter's friend

ygInsaf  - ada sesuatu yang menarik tentang en_me ni, quite mysterious.

afiza   - lagi sorang anak penakan.... yang ni rajin buat cupcakes

Plus many many more that i have bookmarked and i make sure i visit them. Also to my silent readers and to hoppers who accidently jumped into my home - you're most welcome!

Actually, these have made my life more meaningful as there are so many things you can find in the net and learn from all FUNtastic YOU out there.  THANK YOU!


  1. I 1st came here because of the unique name, and then i got hooked dengan cerita dan gambar yang simple² yet refreshing :)

  2. Salam Makcik,
    Happy belated 1st anniversary to ur blog :)
    Kami dah cuba buat apa yang boleh supaya kawan2 takde masalah visiting lagi ye :)

  3. thx ijan & thanks again, harap2 tak ada masalah nak buka pintu rumah ijan nanti ye

  4. [quote] Mamazieza : 'jiran sekampung' rupanya, dah dengar suara, belum bertentang mata [unquote]

    Makcikkantin sekampung di mana ye? Kita pun sekampung dengan Mamazieza ni...

  5. mama,
    mama & mamazieza ni jiran senegeri kot (betui ka).

    tp makcik & mamazieza ni jiran kat penang ni,