Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We diversify....

from cooking to facial product to .........bags!

This is the fun part. I have so many projects in my head that my hands cannot cope. Slowly but surely, i will definitely put my dreams to reality.

I had put this project on hold, as then, my time was taken away by both my mum (al-fatihah) and mum-in-law.
I had to basically restart as i had forgotten how i started. (no proper design but 'design' as i go...that's obviously not a good designing technique!)

After few unpicks, here it is......Son 1 camera bag.

The Alif Bag

It is quite difficult to do as the bag has to be thick enough to support and protect the camera.
Cukup lah kot...lepas ni kalau nak lagi bag camera, pi beli lah ye...

And ohhhh, talking about my son. He has been doing wedding/event photography for few years and now managed to put things in the web. Please feel free to browse here and you can contact him if needed.


  1. MCK..cantiknya beg tu..Sally mmg kagum dgn makcik la..everything you can do!!..
    makcik berapa hari ada kat KL hari tu..Sally nak kol tp takut kacau pulak masa2 makcik with family.

  2. TQ sally,

    hari tu 1 hari je kat kl. we arrived late friday night, pakcik ada meeting hari sabtu, ptg tu sempatlah melawat kawan kat hosp kejap, ahad pagi balik pg dah.