Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Doctor in d House

My heart goes to those affected, directly or indirectly, by the Japan quake/tsunami.
Easier said than done, I hope they can pull thru this mishap.......

My activities;


Saturday: Half the cup is the buih

Tak ada gejet ni, boleh mati gamaknya ye....

Good marketing strategy...lorry with transparent cabin


After-effect of the transparent lorry......
(Note: Not using product advertised )

Monday dinner

Yeahhh, the Doctor is finally in the house

Have a good day, enjoy the images, originals thru the lens of my hp (x-cept for the busses)

- In the depth of my soul, there is a wordless song - Quote


  1. oh yeahhh, the doctor is in our house too last sunday. hehe. sama2 dia dtg melawat la tu ye. lawatan berbayar. ahahaha.

  2. Makcik, kita suka buku tu!! : )

  3. Hi Makcik, I really love your sense of humour, not to mention your agar2 merah, *wink*.
    'Doctor in the house', arhaaa ha ha ha, I love that!
    Nice bus....and that truck.....you say 'lorry'....the owners sure have creative marketing ideas.

    Hey, next time I ada cherita hantu nak pinjam that muka pic, ha ha.
    Have a fun day and stay young.

  4. Dyana,

    Senang kan kalu sakit...doktor dah ada dlm rumah

  5. Ayu,

    He he, baru buka first page you!

  6. Uncle lee,

    Yes, truck is a better word....i was searching nicer words than lorry, it just did not pop out.

    You can pinjam my 'hantu'......with a fee

  7. buku doctor cepatlah habiss kat kedai..sayer pegi carik kat kedai habis stok katernyer..ker derang yg ambik stok sikit..admire giler ngan buku tuh..hukk

  8. Che nam,

    Tima kasih singgah. Ya banyak tempat x ada stock, but i managed to get it......he he he tak baca lagi pon :))

  9. Makcik, I love women like you! Love your humour.
    That was one reason I dated more ahemmm, Malay women than others. Apart from enjoying their delicious mother's cooking.

    And getting frightened once awhile with the Makcik's teasing me, "Lee...bila la you nak kawain anak saya"? Ha ha ha.
    I grew up among Malay people and picked up their sense of humour, mostly down to earth kind which I love,
    And dating Malay women always lots of fun and laughs. Not to mention their tight sarong kebayas buat saya lintang pukang, ha ha.

    And my old days when travelling on business I would stop at small kampong kedai kopis have coffee, make friends with the pakciks there, buy them Milo or whatever and hear them joke making me laugh.
    I really love kampong folks.
    Maybe should have married a Malay, ha ha. Or dua...satu Chinese. Heh heh heh.

    Just look at my comment box the number of humorous replies, mostly from Malays.

    Oh ya, my tiga sekawan gang still respecting Al's mother passing away last month. I sure miss them.
    Hopefully they will balek soon. I miss Police Chief's humour and Zul's too.
    I wonder how long Malays mourn when a mother or father passes on?

    Have a fun weekend, Makcik....don't forget check your bathroom, under the bed sebelum tidur.

  10. Emmmm...tak sempat lagi nak jemput doktor ke rumah. Jeles betul ....!

  11. Haishhhh uncle lee, memang you adik beradik itu darat punya buaya tau......:-))

    Me need not worry about hantu under the bed as there is no under........tidur atas lantai, hahahaha

    have a nice weekend.

  12. Ummu,

    takpa, take your time. kelmarin makcik tengok banyak lagi kat book stores...kat penang ni lah.

  13. Salam Makcik,
    Semoga rakyat jepun tabah dengan dugaan yg sangat besar ini..

    I loved all your pics esp the transperancy lorry and after-effect. hehehe... lastly of course, Doctor in the house..hmmm, nak beli jugak buku tu. nk try tengok online :)

  14. makcik manggis pun dah beli buku tu baru baca bab Tun Hasmah Langgar Tiang Talipon hehe.Suka sangat buku ni..