Monday, September 19, 2011

Of the rainbow and cokodok.....

Past few days were gloomy here in the state. The sun was out but shy away just few hours later and came the cloud, the wind and the rain!

But that's outside.
Inside makcik's kitchen, it was a hive of activities, with rainbow being the seems :)
I did quite a few but i just put the rainbow ones.....

Bread Pudding/Jelly
(for the surau raya-do)
thanks mamafami

Source : MamaFami

Ingredients :

1 packet agar-agar strip (25g)
1.4 litre water
1 1/2 cup sugar
1 can evaporated milk
6 pieces white bread ~ cut to small cubes
1 nos egg ~ lightly beaten
3 food coloring
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Method :

1. Soak the bread in evaporated milk and egg. Pour into a blender and blend. Set aside.
2. Cut the agar-agar strips to an inch size and soak for 10 minutes or so. Then boil with 1.4 litre water till agar-agar dissolved. Put through a sieve and pour back into the pot. Add sugar and stir till sugar dilutes.
3. Pour the blended bread mixture into the agar-agar and stir on low fire for a while.
4. Divide to 4 portions. Add a color to each portion and leave one portion as it is.
5. Pour one color at time onto the centre of the tray.
6. Place the tray in the refrigerator to set.
7. Cut and serve.

Kek alunan kasih {love in the waves :=)}
(for a neighbour's kenduri)

Did before with just two colours

My first try, dare not use those colours

Nanti makcik share resepi lain pulak ye, sedap dah namanya orang kampung kan.......tetaplah cokodok yang menjadi idaman.

Jemputlah makan..........nak resepi? :=D.......
pisang dilenyek, susu cair, tepung & garam ;
gaul semua & GORENGGG


  1. My oh my... someone is being busy in the kitchen, playing with colors I see! Lovely rainbow pudding la sis. Soft colors. I like! Kita pun tak ingat kita ada pernah buat rainbow puding yang tu. Hehehe... I love puddings! Kek alunan kasih tu pun lawa je.. kita punya hari tu, masih belum 100% perfect. Ada terpele'ot sikit. Kalau rajin, nak buat lain la... KALAU la kan... anyway, thanks for trying ya sis...

    p/s : Oppss, I owe you one email. InsyaAllah will try to reply soon ya... coweyyyy...

  2. Aslmkm Makcik... puding kat sini pun tak kurang cantik. Sonok tengok gambor2 raya tu.... syok nya raya.

  3. wahhhh..sangat colorful jelly & cake tu....wish that cekodok makcik tu boleh dibuat versi rainbow jugak! haha

  4. hi mama,
    mula mula tu gloomy je....ikut cuaca masa tu. lepas tu paksa semangat mai, tu yg jadi macam macam.

  5. Along,

    Raya mmg syok, bab makan, masyallah tak ingat dunia, pas tu hangen satu badan...

  6. DZZ,

    i may have to innovate a rainbow cekodok now, hahaha

  7. Btoi la makchak. Cekodok tu yg plg terliuq tgk.

  8. Hi Makcik, Wa....if I had met you before, sebelum kawain, I sure lepas handbrake, try get invitation to your house for tea in the evening.

    But very dangerous....da makan pulak, nanti nak mintak the cook's tangan, da lechah tu, ha ha ha.
    Makcik, I love the cakes here. So beautiful. Itu kueh cocodok I da lupa bila I makan, I think think at least 26 years!

    Tengok your these cakes boleh lupa namak mak, ha ha ha.
    You have fun, stay young, Lee.

  9. Makcik, Your delicious nasi lemak is on display my pondok, *wink*.

  10. hoho uncle lee, thank you so much. been quite occupied lately.

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  12. Salam Makcik, banyak nye kek dia. Beralun alun semua. hehe... i like the last pic. Memang betul, last2 cokodok juga yang menjadi pojaan... :D