Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tangan bercakap

My sewing machine needs a holiday...........bunyi pun dah tak sedap, serak serak gitu.

Since the supplier is coming over, i might as well surrender my bernina for servicing......

And for the past few weeks, among those that i have completed......

I'll let my hands do the talking...

My bernina

"Sandbag" that acts as a weight for son's camera/tripod,
rough sketch given without dimension
& this one turn out to be small....kenalah buat one more..

"Cone" to keep scissors,

Patchwork each for participants
in "2012 Birthday Block of the Month"(Quiltgroup)

Quilt top that has been long overdue, awaiting completion


  1. Hello Makcik, you very creative, and your handiwork really outstanding.
    You cook, bake cakes, manjah hubby, look after your 7 kids, tiga kuching, ayam, iteks, still find time to sew all these beautiful work.

    Your sewing machine very hi-tech. Isteri saya pulak still uses her 95 years old Singer, hand power.
    Terok betul, I have to carry it out for her from our storeroom....dia punya berat, stengah mati! the machine, not my wife...I told her another 10 years I cannot carry, da tua.

    And when she sews, mcham KTM sampai station, very noisy! Click clck, click...clack.
    I told her I beli new hi-tech one, ada GPS system, stereo, video screen, dia ta' nak, loves this jurassic machine. Okay, simpan duit saya, ha ha.
    You have a nice day, Makcik.

    1. its a compliment uncle lee, thank you. I also malu want to 'always' tell you 'i am still sourcing custom made label vendor' infact yes i am still looking.....some told me he can help.....let's see if i finally can have my labels

  2. wow!!! your patchwork is so Wallaweehh!! mabeles..

    nak oder la .. like the purple 1. How much does it cost?