Saturday, January 31, 2009

KTLunchbox Menu

Lunchbox Menu

Kantan Fried Rice (RM13.00)

fried rice
local fruits

Dory Fillet (RM15.00)

Dory (fish)
buttered rice
Local fruits

Chicken Platter (RM15.00)

roast chicken
coleslaw & mash potato
mixed salad
local fruits

Roast Lamb (15.00)

buttered rice
mixed salad

Spaghetti (RM15.00)

spaghetti (chicken)
corn cob
mixed salad

Singapore fling

The Chinese New Year public holidays saw us packing again...this time to Singapore. We took the bus to KL, spent a night at a hotel as we did not want to bother my SIL (who also just came back from a family event).
The bus ride was smooth but I like the hotel we stayed that night, no frills - you pay extra if you need to use aircond, tv etc. As we only need a short sleep before our next bus ride early the next morning, we only pay RM81 for the basic....seen here the design on the wall.....Tune Hotel

Our four and a half hour (supposedly 5 hrs) bus ride to S'pore the next day was a smooth one, no traffic jam & no queuing even at the immigration, so we thought we 'might be the only creatures' there- happy happy.
Arriving hotel at noon (we booked the hotel where our bus stops, located @ Dunearn Rd), we registered Sentosa Island Sunset Tour due 3pm that day @ S$60/pax. Our judgement of being the only ones in S'pore proved otherwise. There were many tour buses, lots & lots of people! There's no way for us to turn back, so we took the cable car to Sentosa, seeing more people there. The underwater world was suppose to be very nice, but too crowded, you can 't really enjoy. Cannot blame the crowd as it was holiday kannnn so follow the flow lah. Then i heard the tourist guide mentioning 'song of the sea'(we were actually 'blurred' by the noise & crowd). I thought we were only going to hear the waves but the show proved to be the best for that day. The set was located at the shoreline,the audience sat on benches at the beach. The show was brilliantly choreographed, all I can say was.....AMAZING! That was the last stop for the package tour before we returned to the hotel late evening. And we decided:- no more package tour! not because it's not good but its just too crowded.

The next morning, we took the shuttle to Orchard Road. Many people but manageable. We spent time having al-fresco breakfast(McD) at the corner of Scott Rd/Claymore Hill, sipping coffee munching muffin....tengoklah apa girl tu buat kat my Cappucino , she definitely made my day.

We spent that day walking and walking and walking...tak ada tujuan but just window shopping, enjoying every single minute watching people passing by & items on sale in the shops; Lucky plaza, Takashimaya, Paragon,Tangs, wheelock ....... Letih jalan we stop to rest. Tengahari after lunch, we went to Mustaffa Centre (or little India they call it) to jamu mata. You can find almost every item there; phones, clothes, audio, video, sports stuffs, household items, gold (glitter glitter) and list go on....

That night after dinner(vegetarian) at a vietnamese restaurant, we headed to the Esplanade. Hubby dok sibuk dengan camera dia lah click sana clack sini...while I enjoyed the surroundings. This trip was actually a compensation; during our last trip in 2007, I fell sick the moment we arrived S'pore & only managed to see the 4 walls of the hotel room the entire duration of the trip.

We resume the next day; again @ Scott Rd/Orchard Rd, we like it purchase, just enjoy the walk. As usual, I like to note the names of the road;- Buyong Rd, Bt Timah Rd, Serangon Rd, Bras Basah Rd,Victoria St, Kerbau Rd, Lembu Rd, Kg Kapor Rd, Tembeling Rd, Lor Sireh Pinang ( i assume Lor=lorong), Langsat Rd, Haji Lane, Sultan Gate, Kg Glam, Tlk Blangah Rd...the list goes on....
We also visited Golden Mile Complex, also known as little Thailand (for lunch actually). This complex houses the bus terminal to Thailand and you can find most items from Thailand here.
There are many more places we missed, Jurong Bird Park, Zoo, Arab St, Geylang Serai-just to name a few but we definitely enjoyed our times being together there. After 3 nights, we said goodbye to S'pore and headed home......

Till then......

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Live a healthy life

Tengah menyimpan/membuang kertas2 tahun lepas, terjumpa pulak nota ni:-juices you can make out of fruits/vegetables. Rasanya I copied this while enjoying a glass of juice at one of the juice outlet in KL......sudah tentunya with the operator's permission.

1. Wake me up:
Orange, banana & strawberry
2. Imuno kick :
Orange, apple & carrot
3. Smooth Operator:
Pineapple, orange, celery & guava
4. Tummy calmer:
Ginger, papaya, pineapple & orange
5. Spring clean:
Apple, cucumber & watermelon
6. Sober up:
Carrot, apple & ginger
7. Slimmer's paradise:
Cucumber, apple, celery & guava

Kalau rajin buat lah, sedap lagi menyihatkan. Makcik pun buat juga tapi tak ikut sangatlah yang atas tu, most of the time combine apple, orange, carrot & celery and kadang2 ada juga lemon (tak payah buang kulit), beetroot, pineapple.....dan juga kalau mahu extract the most juice out, kena guna juicer yang high power sikit- boleh check kat any electrical shop. Yang malasnya??? - nak basuh machine tu selepas guna...adoiiii. Selamat mencuba pada sapa2 yang baca ruangan ni ye....& thanks juga pada juice outlet ni (dah lupa nama).

Ooopps, satu lagi juice sebelum ku ucap selamat tinggal blog untuk hari ni......

Juice Apple Kasturi (di sumbang oleh anak member yg kerja SR)
2 green apples
ice cubes
asamboi (setengah org kata asamko)

2 biji apples ni cukup buat satu gelas juice + ice. Asamboi tu ada yang letak camtu je, but I find it better to soak sekejap the asamboi in little hot water, so it becomes soft. Tuang semua sekali (asam & water) ke apple juice tadi and ENJOY. Hmmmm nampaknya tak Secret dah la Resepi tu ya....

Note: Buah kedondong (org utara kata buah amra) pun sedap buat macam ni.

okay, jumpa lagi hari those celebrating....HAPPY NEW YEAR, Gong Xi Fa Cai...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

week3-baking week

Was into baking yesterday- actually to give some goodies to friends; Choose these 2 biscuits that have long been in my recipe book....

Samperit (flower cookies)

250 gm butter
200 gm cornflour
200 gm custard
80 gm icing sugar
2 egg yolk
vanilla essence
strawberry jam

- Cream butter & sugar till smooth, add egg yolk and vanilla.
- Fold in both flour (sifted)
- Pipe dough using fluted nozzle.
- In this case i used a different type of nozzle
- Pipe strawberry jam in the middle of the pressed dough
- Bake about 12-15 minutes @ 160 deg C
- Cool on wire rack.

Sesame squares
250 gm butter
100 gm castor sugar
100 gm tapioca flour (or rice flour)
300 gm plain flour
1 teaspoon soda bicab
2 egg yolk
2 teaspoon coffee essence
egg white to glace
black sesame for decoration

- Sift both flour and soda bicab.
- Cream butter & sugar until smooth, add in egg yolk, mix well
- Add coffee essence and fold in flour, mix well
- Roll mixture onto flat surface.
- Press using biscuit cutter of your choice.
- Glace top with egg white & sprinkle(decorate) black sesame.
- Arrange in trays line with baking paper.
- Bake @ 160 deg C for 12-15 mins, depending on oven type.
- Cool on wire rack
Alternatively,you can put sesame straight in the dough, safe you the sprinkling sesame on top of biscuit.

Maaflah visual kedua dua tu kurang memuaskan.

.......and a cake

Prune cake
1 packet pitted prune (boil with 2 cups water untill soft)
6 eggs, separate
250 gm butter
2 cups sugar ( i use 1 1/2 cups)
3 cups self raising flour
1 tablesp soda bicab
2 tablespoon cocoa powder
vanilla essence.

- Line baking tin with shortening/butter & baking paper (i use 2, 12"x3" tins)
- Sift flour & cocoa powder
- Beat egg white until light, add half the sugar - set aside
- Cream butter and sugar until light & creamy, add vanilla
- Beat in egg yolk one at a time.
- Add in prune puree that has been mixed with soda bicab.
- Fold in flour followed by egg white & make sure it mixes well
- Pour mixture into baking tins and bake @ 160 deg C, 1 hour or until skewers come out clean.
- Remove from oven, turn out on wire rack to cool.

Note: You can also steam it for 1 hour. I notice the steam cake has a softer texture

Monday, January 19, 2009

week 2 2009 (update done in week 3)

I was in KL as da man-of-the-house ada meeting kat sana. We stayed in my sis-n-law's @ TTDI.
Followed hubby to his two meetings on monday (kite dok luar le). After the first meeting, we went to have lunch @ Amcorp Mall. Lepas makan jamu lah mata kejap, ronda ronda & got stuck at a store selling imported magazines @ RM9.90. Hubby bought Photo mag while I settled on a Quilt mag.
Soon after his 2nd meeting, we went to midvalley & while enjoying cinnamon rolls @ Saint Cinnamon, teringat pulak nak call Pit, my sekolah sains buddy. Thanks Pit for your time - we both have gone thru a scary,testing time ya & alhamdulillah we made it.

Day 2 was spent @ home reading, reading, sleeping, reading.......sampailah petang, gi One Utama pulak....window shopping. Later that night we went to makan kat IBM with Ache, Jani, Imran & Najwa.
Day 3 balik Penang.
Day 4 - breakfast ngan geng (home minister buddies), bawak niece, Suriani sekali - geleng kepala dia tengok kami makan/sembang.
Day 5- waaaa interesting. Suriani treated me to facial & body massage @ beauty spa yg dia sign up. Oleh kesedapan treatment & nyamannya keadaan tempat tu, I somehow signed up for the facial package + beli product sekali, 12 installments @ 0% interest. Hmmm that total up to ribu riban jugak, takut pulak kena sound ngan 'prime minister' nanti...Tak ambiklah package body spa, tambah yang tu nanti hai jadi ribu 'reban' takut Man jadi Hulk pulak.
Anyway, thanks suriani, hope you see a more beautiful me in a near future..heh heh & not forgetting, thanks to da Man- muka slamber je bila beritau dah TERtenyeh (TER menunjukan di sengajakan) credit card.
This week also saw another sad story. My mother's house was again broken into! The other time was 6 months ago.This time they did not manage to take anything, but enough to cause trauma. Now mum is in my house, nursing her God-knows-what feeling.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

year 2009

The year 2009 has entered its 15th day. One thing for sure, i don't have to send my children to school. Adil, my second & youngest finished his SPM last year & now working part time at one of the malls here. He passed his driving test but has not passed my test, so no driving alone for him yet and as such, he is chauffeur-driven to & from work.
I also opened a new bank account for him. Alah bukan banyak pun, cuma minimum amount to entitle him to an ATM card....waaaa happynya dia. So friends out there, I've come to realize that there are so many different ways to make someone happy.
Lagi about this 'buntal' son of mine, tadi pagi sibuk suruh hantar ke gym, nak register gym pulak dahhhh! Ok, let him try for a month & see how he juggles his time working & working out! To motivate him, we only sponsored half the amount, the other half he forked himself(his allowance). He aims to 'remove' his jelly belly so let us see if he succeeds in this one...
He loves to cook & aspire to be a chef one day

Adil, left. Abang dia on right, while mak/bapak kat belakang tu...

The elder brother, Alif on the other hand is much slimmer, dok cari ubat pulak nak bagi gemuk sikit. In his final year at uni, he is into photography & is very happy that he 'inherited' his father's Nikon-D300 recently when the father upgraded his. With lots of projects/assignment to be submitted, he is seldom home (home-uni is only 10 minutes drive) & (seems that) he loves to sleep under the table in the studio!
With them both grown up(dah tak duduk bawah ketiak), I always treasure our moments together. We (hubby & i) support their choice of career & we pray that they would lead a wonderful life in the future without forgetting their roots/religion.
Mak pun adalah lebih masa nak ikut bapak outstation, itu pun kalu schedule dia tak ketat sangat.
Apa2 pun Adil kena cekap drive dulu.
As for other things, my morning coffee with friends of the same kind (he..he semua home minister!) go on as usual.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

simple food

Dah lama rileks, malas pulak nak masak, tapi dah tugas kannnn.....masak juga lah lauk yg paling simple.....masak nenas ikan kering, sambal belacan, ikan senangin goreng kunyit & bendi rebus..

Masak Nenas ikan kering.

ikan kering (isi + tulang), cut to edible size
Nenas, potong kecil
Cili merah, cili padi - hiris
Bawang besar, di mayang
Bawang putih, di mayang
Santan/susu secukupnya.
Sedikit serbuk kunyit
Minyak, garam

Tumis bawang besar & cili hiris sampai lembut (tak payah garing)
Masukkan nenas, kacau sikit.
Add serbuk kunyit -nak bagi warna kuning saja.
Masukkan ikan kering, followed by santan/susu.
Masukkan garam jika perlu.
Rasa secukupnya & hidang.
(Yang suka pedas,tak payah tumis bawang/cili,instead, rebuskan bawang merah serta cili padi yang di tumbuk, serta add serai yang di ketuk serta daun kunyit- yang ni pasti kao)

Pssstt: cili hijau gedebak tu yang beli kat kelantan hari tu.

Bila siang malas, malam lagilah teramat malasnya, maka buatlah macam ni pulak....

Capati Wraps.

Beberapa keping capati (beli dekat kedai or kat supermaket)
Salami (beef/chicken-di goreng sikit bagi garing)
Salad (timun/lettuce/carrot/yellow onion )
Cili sauce
Cheese slice( jika suka), lada hitam

"Hamparkan" capati atas chopping board.
Sapukan cili sauce & mayonaise.
Letakkan salami followed by salad.
Boleh juga letakkan mayonaise lagi kalau suka. Sprinkle lada hitam
Letakkan cheese slice & gulung kemas capati tu.

Note: tak ada cara khusus nak buat ni, ikut selera sendiri, my anak suka letak mustard or kadang2 dia letak wasabi. (sori, gambar kurang memuaskan...)