Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Handicraft day

Purse size as compared to card holder....(abt 5 1/2" x 3 1/2")

Let's deviate from raya mood a bit....let's sew! Today was not a fruitful day(= i can't sit down for hours & concentrate) for sewing as i had errants to do. However, I managed to finish this simple, small purse meant for handphone...I used remnants from yarn.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

food, food, food

Raya mood is still in the air. There're still people visiting each other, attending open houses, exchanging goodies etc etc.
My raya is also not yet over, even though mr troy started work last wednesday. Cookies??? still available....

But we just craved for something we had all yesterday)...

cucur bawang (onion fritters) for breakfast.....

moi (plain porridge) for lunch........

stirfry kacang botol (top left), teowchew with cili padi, 
lobak masin & sayur goreng cili to go with the porridge

teowchew w cili padi

enchilada for dinner................

Adil made this enchilada

Thank you adil for relieving me from the kitchen, even just for dinner.....:-)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raya Photos


The family...( KT & the Boyz)...he he jgn marah ye Ella 

The mood of celebration is still in the air. After all this is just the third day of Eid. This year, the guys decided to be different, hence the baju melayu+kain pelikat, even though Adil complained he doesn't know how to tie the kain. 

Why no colour??? Ohhh, we tried to be classic - going for B&W. 
Mr troy16 is  trying his 'trade' into medium format film photography  (from taking pictures to developing it! He has his own "darkroom" {i'll show you all next time-sempoi punya}) & that resulted the B&W photos (many more actually).

Don't worry, B&W is just a gimmick prior to the colourful occasion. 

 We chose brown ....thinking that we're the one, but......oh no.....





SIL & family from KL pun came out..proud.....with brown jugak...

the cousins - i love my sons colourful kain pelikat..(mak depa yang pilih punnn)

More colourful here @ kampung:-mum, brother, sisters, in-laws, 
nieces....(not everyone here)

At kampung with relatives (maternal side) from Ipoh
 who paid mum (seated, center) a surprised visit

Monday, September 21, 2009

Raya goodies

Goooooodddd morning everyone. How was your syawal? I'm sure all have this answer; busy,tired, excited. Alhamdulillah, we've all succeeded in performing 1 of 5 Pillars of Islam - fasting during the month of Ramadhan.  

Day 1- 'Must have' menu:- ketupat(pulut & nasi), rendang, kuah kacang, satay plus a showcase full of cookies & cakes.....

rice cake, peanut gravy, "ketupats off the shells", chicken rendang, glutinous rice cake

L-R - samperit, pineapple tart, I-suzanne, triple chocolate cookies, 
biscotti (front)

Day 2 - the day for open house. This year however, there was no proper open house as most of us were not in the best of health. We were glad to play host to some of hubby and son's colleagues. 
Just to share the dishes....Koay Teow T'hng  

Fishball varieties and vege

Topped with garlic oil & cili....

.......and a 'near-perfect' afternoon coffee...on Day 3

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Today was a kitchen-busy day , need no explanation as every woman out there are equally does the better half as well as the kids, we are all busy in our own way.

Selamat Hari raya aidil fitri/Eid Mubarak to all my blogger & non blogger buddies. Please accept this cyber card of mine.

To those traveling, drive carefully & have safe journey. 

Friday, September 18, 2009

PostRamadhan & PreSyawal

Minggu minggu terakhir bulan puasa ni, otak  rasa macam slow motion sikit walau tangan  & kaki ligat, mungkin kurang vitamin kot posa posa ni. 
Penang was greeted with a heavy downpour starting after maghrib today.
With some time left before I called it a day, felt that I should just share what my sons had for pre-dawn-break (sahur). Oh BTW, they just don't want rice during sahur, so I have to come up with something for them everyday...scramble eggs with baked beans, french toast, jacket potato, sausages etc etc while the mothers (mum & mum-in-law) would settle for rice.
I put these so buddies out there can have some ideas for your kids next time. I do surf images from the net for some food ideas.

Hot dog - sausage boiled & fried w cilisauce & black pepper, topped w sauteed onions

Roti Pratha-pan fried, topped with banana, glaced with condensed milk & chocolate syrup

Ooops, just FYI, my son just came back from some place near City Stadium. He reported that he helped a makcik(not makcikkantin okay!) moved some items as her house was hit by flash flood. What made him so mad; she asked for help (he happened to park the car nearby) and in the end, she did not even thanked him! Well, what do i say? Tak apa lah dapat pahala tolong orang dalam kesusahan....other than that??? People (or rather we) should learn to be more courteous.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Juadah berbuka

Red, amber, green = yummylicious! Ya we had this for iftaar (berbuka/break fast), as requested by my youngest. He called it "buah melaka kaler kaler". 
It is just glutinous rice flour & water & food colouring, same procedure as doing 'buah melaka', except no filing and cooked in coconut milk/sugar - everyone knows how to make this i suppose.

Rendang asam/masak asam ikan merah berkuah (youngest son's request jugak), he wanted it with lots of onions/cili.
recipe: saute sliced onion, garlic, ginger and cili until soft, add tamarind juice. If need more gravy, add a little coconut milk/evaporated milk ( i use milk). pour on fish that has been fried. 

can you see the fish peeping between the chilis?

Masak lemak perut & peria katak (spicy tripe & bitter gourd in thick coconut milk). Mr troy's request

.....and bihun singapore...nobody's request...

i wonder if  this bihun exists in singapore

p/s - sorry for the poor picture quality

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Selamat berbuka puasa-2

Just to share break fast menu two days ago. I cooked everyday but somehow, sometimes there's no time for photography.

...And for khatam tadarus ( graduation of quran recital-sort of) today, we got these, a bonus we didn't expect though we all chipped in. 

The goodies

The 'graduates'