Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raya Photos


The family...( KT & the Boyz)...he he jgn marah ye Ella 

The mood of celebration is still in the air. After all this is just the third day of Eid. This year, the guys decided to be different, hence the baju melayu+kain pelikat, even though Adil complained he doesn't know how to tie the kain. 

Why no colour??? Ohhh, we tried to be classic - going for B&W. 
Mr troy16 is  trying his 'trade' into medium format film photography  (from taking pictures to developing it! He has his own "darkroom" {i'll show you all next time-sempoi punya}) & that resulted the B&W photos (many more actually).

Don't worry, B&W is just a gimmick prior to the colourful occasion. 

 We chose brown ....thinking that we're the one, but......oh no.....





SIL & family from KL pun came out..proud.....with brown jugak...

the cousins - i love my sons colourful kain pelikat..(mak depa yang pilih punnn)

More colourful here @ kampung:-mum, brother, sisters, in-laws, 
nieces....(not everyone here)

At kampung with relatives (maternal side) from Ipoh
 who paid mum (seated, center) a surprised visit


  1. Love the first pic and the candid pic of my cousins! Sgt2 sempoi! Too bad we missed you guys during raya..=(. Jumpa Maksu pun sat ja. Anyhoo, Selamat Hari Raya to u and yr family Mak Chaq! Maaf zahir & batin.

    From yr dearestdarlingest niece,
    Kak Ngah

  2. dearest darlingest niece,
    yes we TERmiss you all too, tapi nak at camne kan, raya....memasing ada ajenda.

  3. Suke tgk gambar kandid raya McKantin tue... soo cute!!! :)