Sunday, May 23, 2010

Simple Sunday

A day when you either got busy with housework or simply a day for you to laze around.

Mine? A mix between the two.
Ache, Jani & Najwa came over on saturday so we went out for dinner; ikan bakar @ Telok Tempoyak, then ronda ronda half penang island looking for durian...(at 11.30 pm you know)..., where got? Came back empty handed and sleepy...zzzzz

Sunday morning ; after breakfast of 1/2 boiled eggs & bread, went marketing for lunch........simple lunch. Tak kan beli sayur saja kan, mata mesti liar kiri kanan tengok apa2 yang ada untuk habiskan duit ringankan poket..... 

 untuk garu belakang yang sentiasa gatal 
( scratch your itchy back)

kempunan semalam...pagi ni dapat..mahal tapi berbaloi, 
(baru jatuh, kata apek, itu pasai mahai)

yummyyyy (only this species available)

yang tak berapa nak fish, 
my 'weapon' the scissors & toothbrush

getting 'dressed' for the steamer

ready! simple.
( steamed broccoli, steamed fish, boiled spinach & 'air asam')

mau kopi 'Stabak'? 
Ask pakcik he made using the espresso machine 
with beans bought from starbuck

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring clean

I managed to clean some of my pc's "Bookmarks" today. Usually, during blogwalking, i will stumble upon catchy blogs & will bookmark it until later. And some of that later has been over a year! I did notice that some who commented my n3 (whom i think is new) are not new to me, i visited them before. They are actually in my bookmarks;

At the same time i have to housekeep my own pondok as some of my links have now padlocked their pondoks with :- This blog is open to invited readers only"    

With that note, i have no means of visiting, thus, i have safekeep them.
I am very sure that my circle of 'friends' will grow, looking at the many blogs mushrooming now.
I hope owners of the blog/s don't mind being added to my link ya. If you do, please inform as i will remove as you wish.....

Saturday....SIL from Banting came over, had lunch. The day before, i cleaned up my kitchen fan and got no time to assemble them. Luckily this young man gave me a helping hand.

young technician - Amsyar, thanks for helping makcaq

My clean, assembled fan (beli masa zaman Makro dok hidup lagi..)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sungguh daku terharu

FIRST time you! Yes first time in my one blogging year that i receive an award. 
Boleh kah makcik nak pinjam kata2 seniwati serba boleh Azean Irdawati?
"Oh lihatlah dunia........." Wo wo wo makcik, terlebih sudah....

Back to reality: Kena jawab soalan periksa dulu.

1. Thank and link the person that give you the award
Thanks a million to MamaFaMi for giving this award to me, rasa cam grammy award pulak he he.
Mama ni mmg dah terlekat kat makcik..tak percaya? Sila lihat kat link makcik sebelah kanan tu..
She is one of my silent motivator; her blog motivates me in many ways. Thanks again Mama

2. Pass this award to 10 all bloggers you've recently discover 
Quite difficult this one. Lots of blog hopping actually, some left my mouth gaping (their talent..mak aih), some left my mouth water (their food..) and some left me in tears (their story), but here I'd like to put those that never fail to put a smile to my face;

1. kucingemok  (dia pun dapat dari mama -say thank you to me cukup lah ye)
2. GerauGebang  (gebang yg kadang2 tak telintas dibenak kita pun)
3. blogresepi  (yang selalu memangsakan anak dia, he he i like it)

3. Contact said blogs and let them know they've won this award 
Definitely I will

4. State 7 things about yourself
- Wife to one handsome husband, mother to 2 young,handsome(juga) guys.
- An engineer by profession, a housewife by accident.
- Jane of all trade (handicraft, cooking, blogging), master of none.
- Sons & hubby called me ewok, cos i'm shortest amongst us
- Since I left office, life has been busy being a 'multi purpose' body
- Not easy being the only 'girl', semua kena buat (suami & anak =male)
- Love being me, neither rich nor poor, not pretty but surely not ugly, i live in moderation but happy, in fact  everybody should live life to the fullest.

- itu saja kot untuk kali ni, hingga di award yang lain pulak, bye-

Nota tanpa kaki: 
I feel very honoured everytime i realised some new person reads my blog. This is apart from my regular visitor friends. THANK YOU

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

To all mothers out there......

For a while, I forget i am mother as I was busy being a daughter.....until son1 gave a MD kiss followed by son2 phone call to wish just past midnight.....
followed by text messages from friends & relatives in the morning, but this one is beautiful;

" A Mom is like a simple calculator. Someone who ADDS comfort, SUBTRACTS fear, DIVIDES blessing and MULTIPLIES joy" 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Salam Rabu...

Nak story activity from weekend till today....kita gostan noo..

Wednesday: MIL lepas op...stable condition, no complications. My SIL  is at the hosp with her.
Dinner makcik, pakcik & son1 @ hom:- tuna croissant saja.

Tuesday : MIL in OT for a medical/surgical situation

Monday : Sent MIL to hosp for 'check-in' prior to tuesday's operation

Sunday : Watched Ironman 2 with pakcik and son1 (son2  watched the day before with friends) 

cantiknya mata hero....

Saturday: I reverse (gostan) because saturday story is longer....

A day where relatives (mainly my sisters-in-law) came over, visiting MIL before her op.
Jani & Ache came flying, Fidah & Fudin came driving while Noni & Nana came riding.
Mak Tam, Mak Lin & Diman, Pak Amat & Mak Amat made the occasion merrier.  

Ache offered to cook fish head curry....we went marketing in the morning (habih semua ikan kat pasar hilang kepala hari tu...) and in no time he converted himself into "the flying chef"

'The Flying Chef' at work....wifey jadi mandor

And the hostess (makcik laaa), prepared black pepper prawns and fried taukua.

Taukua goreng with cili kicap dip (*)

Evening, after sending the flying chef & wife to airport, pakcik & makcik treated ourselves to a cappuccino @ CB&TL. 

Then, look see look see around QB, stopped by an outlet & pakcik bought me some outfit....

Makcik pun apa lagi..... senyum sehari semalam......bangun esok pagi tengok cermin pun senyum tak habih lagi. 

Terima kasih lah pakcik. Tiap tiap bulan buat camtu kan best :-)))