Sunday, August 29, 2010

Satu hari di bulan puasa...

mak: harini mak malas nak masak, u go buy apa nak makan.

anak: ok, mak nak makan apa?

mak: belilah.....kalu tak ada then beli nasi....

Sekali anak balik dgn rungutan....

anak: mak bagi duit tak cukup

mak: Y tak cukup, beli sorang sebungkus (3 org) tak kan tak cukup? (biasalah masa perut tengah lapar semua nak beli kan?)

Percayakah anda, Yong Tau Fu ni harga dia RM11/-?

mee, sup & few fishballs, 

BTW, makcik cuma makan agak2 dlm RM4/- je (kira2 1/3 bahagian)....

  • Lebih baik masak sendiri, walaupun cuma telur goreng
  • Beli dari orang yang anda yakin (kenal? biasa berniaga?) 

Seminggu ni rasa2 macam otak pun kurang cerdas, blurrr semacam, apakah ini sebahagian dari ciri ciri 'buang toksik' di bulan puasa?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Braised Lamb

Roast lamb
(+asparagus+buttered mushroom+mashed potato)

Menu berbuka hari jumaat.

Alkisahnya, makcik dah keluarkan ikan dari freezer, kira ikan bakar for buka puasa.

Lepas tu 'ronda ronda' kat rumah member maya. Ternampak pulak hidangan yang sungguh menguja kalbu, mengindahkan mimpi siang serta melaparkan perut yang sedia kosong.

Ish tak boleh luput dari ingatan, so makcik pun turun bawah, hantar ikan balik kutub utara and keluarkan lamb.

So there you are! Ubi, you memang buat makcik terpaksa tahan cawan kat tepi mulut (kot air liur meleleh).

I did it, gambar yg di ambil tidaklah seindah mana tapi rasanya cukup umphhhh!

Just to share this with those whose mouth suddenly waters......
Lamb marinade:
  •  garlic, BBQ sauce, black pepper, cornflour and thick soy sauce but since i ran out of BBQ sauce, or
  • diced onions, sliced cili hidup, tomato sauce, cili sauce, thick soy sauce, chicken/beef cubed stock, cornflour, black pepper, garlic + mixed herbs & cili powder for added hot flavour. ( I did this as i ran out of BBQ sauce.)

Mashed potato gravy:
  • Saute diced onions in butter, add water, flour (mix with little water to thicken gravy), thick soy sauce, thin soy sauce/salt, chicken cube, black pepper. Simmer 15 mins and blend if you want a smooth textured gravy, otherwise, just leave as it is.

agar agar milo with a difference 
(brown=agar2, sugar & milo; white= agar2+condensed milk)

Friday, August 20, 2010

OMC...Oh My Chot...

How's puasa? We're ten days into fasting month and i have not visited the Pasar Ramadhan yet.
(motif ayat di atas? nak tunjuk rajin masak kot)
Pakcik prefers rice, so do my sons as no one eat rice during the pre-dawn break. Only MIL makan nasi during both berbuka & sahur. 

Only simple cooking, yet tak sempat nak ambil gambar as by the time cooking over, its break fast time and hand to shaky to hold camera.

Okayyy so much about fasting, I want to tell you about my Chot today. Chot is a pet rabbit that has been with us for about 3 semesters :-), i say semesters because we bought Chot when my second son was about to enter college (ala ala replacement gitu), so there you go Adil, Chot pun dah semester 3 dah, lagi 3 semester grad lah dia...just like you!

From initially 340gms, stayed only in cage, he gradually put on weight &  found his way into our living room (eventhough we have to remove all low cables and decorative). He now weighs easily 1.7 kg (buat sate pun sodap!) and capable of climbing flight of stairs. We have to put roadblocks everywhere. 
We felt pity for him, being alone as his mates didn't live through, and decided to try let him loose within our house compound. Compound is all cemented so no worry of burrow suddenly appearing.
Pakcik and i sealed all possible escape route and out(of cage) he goes! It has been about a month that he has been out (back inside cage to poo-poo and at night) and it was also that long i did not bathe him.
So this morning i decided its time to mandi..... I have to spend quite a bit of time as he is dirty underneath.....layan lah gambar2 Chot kat sini ye.

Ya ampun Chot, why so smelly?

this is NOT Chot (one of his cousins maybe)

tiny Chot, first arrived ( preparing him to visit vet)

Dah besar....alahai manja.....

Chot this morning...Yo ho ho , punk not dead! 
(look at hair above his eyes)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan

Selamat berpuasa kepada sahabat2 di luar sana. Moga tahun ini lebih baik dari tahun yang sebelumnya.

Juadah berbuka: Roti Jala. 

Yang bestnya, anak sulung makcik yang menjala (serta menggulung) roti itu (makcik bancuh saja), bangganya makcik :-) 

Kari ayam

And also kuah durian, sori no image of kuah durian captured, TERforgetlah.

Let's treasure this holy month to the fullest, insyallah.


1. Kelebihan Solat Tarawih Malam Pertama
Diampuni dosa orang-orang yang beriman sebagaimana keadaannya baru dilahirkan.

2. Kelebihan Solat Tarawih Malam Kedua
Diampunkan dosa orang-orang yang beriman yang mengerjakan solat Tarawih, serta dosa-dosa kedua ibubapanya.

3. Kelebihan Solat Tarawih Malam Ketiga
Para malaikat di bawah ‘Arasy menyeru kepada manusia yang mengerjakan solat Tarawih itu agar meneruskan solatnya pada malam-malam yang lain, semoga Allah akan mengampunkan dosa-dosa mereka.

4. Kelebihan Solat Tarawih Malam Keempat
Orang-orang yang mengerjakan solat Tarawih akan memperolehi pahala sebagaimana pahala yang diperolehi oleh orang-orang yang membaca kitab-kitab Taurat, Zabur, Injil dan Al-Quran.

5. Kelebihan Solat Tarawih Malam Kelima
Allah SWT akan mengurniakan pahala seumpama pahala orang-orang yang mengerjakan sembahyang di Masjidil Haram, Masjidil Madinah dan Masjidil Aqsa.

6. Kelebihan Solat Tarawih Malam Keenam
Allah S.W.T akan mengurniakan kepadanya pahala seumpama pahala malaikat-malaikat yang bertawaf di Baitul Makmur serta setiap batu dan tanah berdoa untuk keampunan orang-orang yang mengerjakan tarawih malam itu.

7. Kelebihan Solat Tarawih Malam Ketujuh
Seolah-olah ia dapat bertemu dengan Nabi Musa a.s serta menolong Nabi itu menentang musuhnya Fir’aun dan Hamman.

8. Kelebihan Solat Tarawih Malam Kelapan
Allah S.W.T mengurniakan pahala orang yang bersolat tarawih sebagaimana pahala yang dikurniakan kepada Nabi Ibrahim a.s.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Have this will travel.......

Passport holder.

A nostalgic 3. 

I did this while taking care of my mum; me rushing to meet my delivery promise, mum fighting for her life... never missed my prayers for her....amin. 

Lady in Red 

Sweet Pastel

Cutie Dottie

Zippered, two slotted (fits a passport) on the outside. 
Card  & note slots inside. 

All three has its owners, thank you Janz.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Jom Pi France....

I find this worth sharing......

What is the French Paradox?

French people often eat a diet that is rich in saturated fat, yet their obesity rates and levels of coronary heart disease aren't as high as America's. This puzzling statistic was termed the "French Paradox" by Dr. Serge Renaud, a scientist from the University of Bordeaux.

How does it work?

Both Dr. Will Clower (author of The Fat Fallacy) and Guiliano offer some explanations for why traditional French eating habits enable French women to stay slimmer than their foreign counterparts and live a healthier lifestyle into the bargain.

French women eat 'good' fats rather than 'bad' fats
The French diet is largely made up of healthy unsaturated fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) from plant and dairy sources and some 'natural' saturated fats from cheese and whole milk. These are easier for the body to break down. The average American diet features greater amounts of 'bad' trans fat from hydrogenated vegetable oil (commonly found in processed foods like cookies and donuts), which has been shown in several studies to have very negative impacts on blood cholesterol levels.

French women savor their food
They tend to taste small morsels individually rather than eating by large forkfuls. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to signal feelings of fullness, so when you slow down with smaller bites, you taste food more and are satisfied with less. Americans, on the other hand, often exclude pleasure in eating that makes them eat more -- it's common to see them munching while working, snacking while watching TV. Studies have shown that people are more likely to overeat when they are distracted during their meals.

French women eat fresh
The French diet features a large amount of fresh food. It's not at all uncommon for French women to spend a good chunk of their time selecting fresh ingredients to use in their cooking. Processed 'American' foods that are high in fat and sugar play only a very marginal role in 'French' diets so the likes of bagels, pizza, burgers, potato chips and candy go out of the window to a large extent.

French women eat regular meals and don't snack between meals
Sitting down for meals (rather than snacking on the go or doing other things while eating) allows you to enjoy your food to a greater extent, aids digestion and can help you to feel fuller for longer.

French women indulge -- in smaller portions
Eating smaller amounts of good quality food is better than consuming larger quantities of low quality food. The idea is that you can eat whatever you like -- as long as you only eat a small amount of it -- and this applies to treats too.

French women drink plenty of water
The French prefer bottled water to sodas which are laden with sugar and hidden calories.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Anda menunggu hampir satu jam hanya untuk dapatkannya?

Efficient; kita duduk je (lepas orang sebelumnya bangun je...ramai orang tau), terus cik waitress datang ambik order& kejap tu datanglah mamat ni clear meja.

Lepas tu; Minuman sampai dulu...dari ais penuh gelas sampailah ais dah cair

Lepas tu

alaaaa, penatla tunggu

Akhirnya ; dia sampai....

Berbaloi ka tunggu hampir sejam?