Friday, August 20, 2010

OMC...Oh My Chot...

How's puasa? We're ten days into fasting month and i have not visited the Pasar Ramadhan yet.
(motif ayat di atas? nak tunjuk rajin masak kot)
Pakcik prefers rice, so do my sons as no one eat rice during the pre-dawn break. Only MIL makan nasi during both berbuka & sahur. 

Only simple cooking, yet tak sempat nak ambil gambar as by the time cooking over, its break fast time and hand to shaky to hold camera.

Okayyy so much about fasting, I want to tell you about my Chot today. Chot is a pet rabbit that has been with us for about 3 semesters :-), i say semesters because we bought Chot when my second son was about to enter college (ala ala replacement gitu), so there you go Adil, Chot pun dah semester 3 dah, lagi 3 semester grad lah dia...just like you!

From initially 340gms, stayed only in cage, he gradually put on weight &  found his way into our living room (eventhough we have to remove all low cables and decorative). He now weighs easily 1.7 kg (buat sate pun sodap!) and capable of climbing flight of stairs. We have to put roadblocks everywhere. 
We felt pity for him, being alone as his mates didn't live through, and decided to try let him loose within our house compound. Compound is all cemented so no worry of burrow suddenly appearing.
Pakcik and i sealed all possible escape route and out(of cage) he goes! It has been about a month that he has been out (back inside cage to poo-poo and at night) and it was also that long i did not bathe him.
So this morning i decided its time to mandi..... I have to spend quite a bit of time as he is dirty underneath.....layan lah gambar2 Chot kat sini ye.

Ya ampun Chot, why so smelly?

this is NOT Chot (one of his cousins maybe)

tiny Chot, first arrived ( preparing him to visit vet)

Dah besar....alahai manja.....

Chot this morning...Yo ho ho , punk not dead! 
(look at hair above his eyes)

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  1. Salam Makcik,

    Alahai comelnye... kecik je about 300 gm masa makcik mula2 jaga tu kan. now mesti manja.. tak sangka boleh dibiarkan kt ruang tamu macam tu. macam kucing dah jadnya tu. dia tak poo-poo merata pulak ek..bagus2... :)