Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 2 - Kota Bharu

We checked out of Fully Inn after breakfast.....asking ourselves, nak ke KB/Pasir Mas or TasikKenyir? Ok Kota Bharu.
Goodbye has nice limestone mountains/cave, we were told. We have not actually discovered it all because of the rain.

The limestone hill as seen from the railway station

It was an 'overcast weather'. Logging GPS & off we go. Baru nak keluarkan camera, hujan pun turun....alahai...Passed by Daerah Dabong (this district seems big)- Kg Lela Jasa, Lata Sg Rek, Laloh, Karangan, Kuala Krai, Sg Sok, Manik Urai, Chuchoh Puteri, Kg Peria, Mengkabong, Kg Pahi (MRSM & SM Teknik here); stopped briefly at Dataran Peladang.

Along the way to KB, ternampak lagi nama2 tempat yang agak unik;- Chenulong, Batu Jong, Kuala Nal, Kg Keroh, Pasir Gajah, Kg Telekong, Banggol Kulim, Laklok, Pangkal Jenereh, Paloh Rawa, Setor Lima (ternampak sign 'gerai Tuak??), Temangan, Jambu Lawar, Ayer Hijau, Kg Simpul, Kg Kemuning, Bukit Bakar(recreation area). Kiri kanan jalan berselang seli sawah padi, ladang kelapa sawit serta kebun getah.
Machang, Labok(SMSains), Kolam Air Panas Tok Bok, Pulai Chondong, Bukit Buluh, Merbau Chondong....rain getting heavier.
Daerah Kota Bharu (Bkt Merbau, Kok Lanas)
Daerah Ketereh (Cekok, Melor, Pasir Putih, Kedai Piah, Lundang Paku, Kg Chengal, Kadok, Pdg Halban, Kg Berangan, Perol Peringat, Pendek Limbat, Mulong...list go on....

Arrived Kota Bharu after two and a half hours . There was massive jam around town area as there were many visitors to Pasar Siti Khadijah. Checked into Grand Riverview Hotel, Kota Bharu. We can see Sg Kelantan from our window.
Riverview Hotel lobby

Jalan jalan cari makan brought us to Pantai Cahaya Bulan(PCB). We ate at the roadside stalls, to the sound of Laut Cina Selatan waves (kuatnye bunyi dia-seram). Ordered a few varieties but I pictured the best - Sup Gearbox, fuh terangkat tau!

It was just past 3pm when we got back from PCB, so we headed to Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah.
There were two buildings, separated by Laman Siti Khadijah. We went to the one that has wet market, bought some souvenirs (kain batik/pelikat) before going back to the hotel.

The wet pasar taken from 1st floor

After maghrib, again we went out for food. A 10 mins walk to Pasar Khadijah, saw only three of us, mana pi orang lain??? Adil said we could menari guling guling on the road!

We had a good night sleep, woke up early hoping to capture sunrise, but was dashed, as the sun did not rise! he he. Checked out & headed to the Pasar...again. We missed nasi dagang. I bought the rice, so i could make it back home.
Went to the first floor where they sell goodies (dodol, asam, serunding etc) & the second floor (tudung, kain, baju...). I was excited to see all these (orang Penang kata ketaq kepala). Bought more goodies for those at home.

Ops, on the ground floor, I saw a very light green colored chili, something new as i normally see the deep green chili.

Kelantan is indeed a nice, quiet place, still maintaining its traditional values and most of all - all the cek meks over there molek molek belako, serious, they are beautiful & hardworking.
Here are some of the pretty traders

Habis shopping, kami pun nak balik Penang lah, kali ni ikut Gerik pula.....
Sekali lagi we passed by places with unique names;- Kg Mat Pomen, Wakaf Che Yeh, Kg Pendek, Salor, Pdg Sakar, Parit China....
There're many houses along the way, the road quite busy.......then back to the quiet one.
Tau tau ada lagi tempat yang boleh jamu mata......ketaq kepala sekali lagiiiii.
This time it's a place called Bukit Bunga in the Tanah Merah District. Ada banyak gerai kat tepi jalan, menjual segala macam barang, soft toys, goodies, baju, beras.....hai meriah.
Stop juga nak memeriahkan lagi keadaan yang sudah sedia meriahnya dengan barang2 bergantungan, berbagai warna.

Habis tu apalagi, baliklah....jumpa lagi nama tempat yg unik;- Buketa, Gemang, Lakota, Kg Bkt Pak Mud, Kg Sg Mekong, Kg Salor, Tumbi Rapat, Kg Bt Melintang....
Magnificent view of the green countryside...

Tasik Banding, we stopped to capture view...

Tak larat nak bagitau dah nama2 tempat yang di lalui , yang pasti pemandangannya indah. Satu percutian indah tanpa di plan........
Then, we are back to our everywhere anywhere place called home....Everywhere?-you see people & buildings everywhere...anywhere??-you can see vehicles parked anywhere!

Gua Musang escapade -somewhere nowhere ride

Thursday, 25 Dec, Christmas Day
We started our 'somewhere nowhere' trip. Somewhere because we decided to go to Gua Musang, Kelantan & the nowhere refers that we don't really have a place to stay! Adventurelah kira nya.
We left Penang about 8.30am, after a brief b'fast at McD, Autocity. One and a half hours later we stopped at Bukit Merah Laketown, saja nak snap snap snap...cuti cuti nowhere kan...
Hubby yang take 'serious' pictures here and here, while Adil & myself ronda2 & take photos just for memory sake...

Bukit Merah Laketown entrance

Ingat nak pose lidah sama, takut Cik Igua 'murka' pulak

Adil, me, Wan. Missing in picture is Alif - he shud be here

Then off on the road again. Weather was good....only a little while for just after that, it started to drizzle. We pray for good weather, neither sunny nor rainy, so we could capture images along the way. Brief stop at Simpang Pulai for fuel/food before 'climbing' up Cameron Highlands, still undecided whether to stop at Cameron Highlands (CH) or continue to Gua Musang(GM). Weather does not permit good "along the way" photo shoot, so we only manage images thru our very own 'eye-lenses'

It was still drizzling when we reached the Cameron/GM junction - we decided to go straight to GM! The scenery was nice (we don't find 'green hills' anymore in town) though it was raining. The hill slope between Cameron and Lojing was full of activities- Strawberry/Vegetable farming.
The journey was very 'sunyi' not a car within the stretch...until an hour and a half later, we overtook a car. There were however quite a flow on the opposite site towards CH. It was amazing that hubby & me don't feel sleepy or tired, unlike the drive to KL. We both enjoyed the view but Adil??? Oh this guy slept throughout the journey. I make records of the names of the places we passed by (missed some of them) -: Sg Beruk, Perasu, Felda Chiku 1-8, Tmn Negara Kuala Koh, Felda Sg Aring, Paloh, Chalil, Lebir

This was indeed a 'rain journey'. We reached GM at about 2 pm and with help of GPS, looked for a place to stay. Trying a nice name, we logged Evergreen Hotel....arrived there & Adil strongly requested we find another place.......The hotel's on the first floor and the stairs up reminded me of the song "...& we go up to the the top of the stairs...." Cancel! we looked for another one & settled with Fully Inn (which incidentally not "fully" booked). The 3-storey building has no lift so we climbed our way to the room on the second floor. It was raining, so after lunch (tapau from gerai behind hotel), we had our 'siesta'. All shops closed (X'mas), no mall but luckily ada pasar malam that day. Redah hujan to buy dinner (nak tengok around town actually) and bumped into this cek mek molek jual tudung, ha moleklah tu.....

Cik mek molek hok tudung brown tu

Tak ada apa nak buat lepas maghrib, watched tv, read magazines we brought along. Kesian Adil, he was so bored that he read newspaper! Something he doesn't do back home & now I know where to take him if i want him to read. The other classic place in GM is the railway station. We cannot capture the station from outside as it was raining.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Evening in Telok Tempoyak

Telok Tempoyak is a rather small fishing village located in Penang, accessible thru the coastal road. For newbies, you probably need someone to assist you there.
This quiet place has (probably) 2 eateries, one on left, the other on the right and offers a variety of food, particularly the famous ikan bakar, seafood, noodles, satay etc etc.....come and experience yourself.
We went there for dinner yesterday, and my hubby & kids took the opportunity to capture the evening thru their lenses.
We ordered simple - Vege tomyam, Masak lemak lala, Ketam masak lada, kangkong belacan, ikan pari bakar with air asam and white rice...hmmmm yummy. We enjoyed the food to the rhythm of the waves...
Sorry, was too hungry to capture the food but.... I leave it to your imagination..
I however captured the evening thru my hp...

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Masih ada masa sebelum 'beradu', nak share juga resepi pizza yang makcik buat 2 hari sudah.....

Pizza base
500gm high protien flour (fr experience, plain flour pun ok)
1 packet (11gm) dry yeast
1/2 cup olive oil
1 1/2 cup water
1 teasp salt

Knead all ingredients together, make sure it does not stick to the bowl, otherwise,add a little bit more flour.
Leave to rise (double) in the bowl, about 30-60 mins, covered with wet towel.
Divide the flour into 4 portion (will fit 4 , 9"baking tray). This option is open, depending on your baking tray. Leave to rise or abt 15 mins.

Normally, i will half-bake my base, so i can keep for use later.
To proceed, top the base with tomato paste of your choice (i will share later my version of pasta sauce), sometimes i use Prego pasta sauce or just canned tesco chopped tomatoes
Top with your favourite toppings, pepperoni, basil leave, onions, capcicum or just chopped garlic, followed by grated cheese (mozzarela/cheddar), sprinkle with a dash of oregano, black pepper and bake till the cheese turns slightly golden .
Eat it while hot and enjoy.
I made this very simple as i sometimes use normal bread or pratha bread (you can buy this in supermarket) as base.

My pizza with chopped tomatoes & pepperoni


Spent sunday morning driving to Batu Ferringhi for breakfast. Hubby with his camera, clicking away & I, not wanting to just sit and watch, used my handphone (sony ericsson-he he kira promo ke ni?).
The outcome? Hmmm quite nice seen here. Maybe the photo is too small, but if you notice writings on the rocks...i just wonder how those guys wrote the words high up the baru orang kata kes cinta berapi...

Aidil Adha

Kami sekeluarga balik kampung (tak jauh pun-sejam perjalanan je).....since adik dah masak soto, makcik buat bubur pulut hitam & fruit tartlet.
Aktiviti yang riuh rendah tak ada sebab kanak2 yg nak buat bising dah tak ramai this time, so we spent our time catching up with each other's story...Sembang2 juga pasal nak buat family day & kami sepakat serahkan tugas mencari tpt, menghebah etc etc kepada younger generation....dan inilah a few of the younger genarations (ala ala 'pemudi harapan bangsa') yang sibuk benar nak posing....
Hidayah, suriani, ati, kak pija, adil (just to mention a few), start sourcing now...we'll guide you through.

kak pija, ati & hidayah

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Family outing

Saturday, 5 Dec.....My better half, Adil(2nd/youngest son) and myself decided to go somewhere for 'photography'...where? nobody can decide, so hubby drove straight across the bridge. We thought of having breakfast at Seberang Jaya,instead we ended somewhere in Telok Air Tawar. From there, we headed to Pantai Merdeka (my last visit there was probably >30 yrs ago). Hubby & Adil took photographs while I 'dok buat bodoh' staring at the sea......
I observed boys (young entrepreneurs)at the beach doing business-renting floats. They seemed to lead very simple life...playing with whatever they found on the beach, swimming in the sea and i even noticed one boy cycling with only the 'rim' of the bicycle, no tyre! Tak payah nak sibuk2 pi lepak kat coffee bean/starbucks/mall etc like our children. I was also from kampung ...panjat pokok hanya berkain batik (he..he) tapi anak2 dah kurang kekampungan nya.....

After spending about 2 hrs there, we decided to visit Museum Arkeologi, Lembah Bujang. Tired (it was drizzling), we only managed to 'visit' the waterfall within the Museum vicinity (he he he).
From there it was another 'nowhere' ride to look for food as it was already 'lunchtime'. We stopped at Tanjung Dawai, well known for its 'Belacan' for lunch.
Habis lunch & shop for ikan kering, we headed home...Penang i mean. Naik feri & straight drove to Telok Bahang (to the very end of the world lah konon). We stopped at Taman Negara entrance, dah tutup cos its already 7pm. Hubby ambik gambar lagi, & i pun snap snap snaplah.
Pondok tu bersebelahan Pejabat Urusan Tmn Negara & the other one is the jetty where you can take a boat ride to Pantai Keracut. We can also take a 1-2 hrs hike thru the hutan to reach to Pantai Keracut, that's what people told me...haven't been there.

After magrib, we had dinner at the roadside Tari Cafe, Tanjung Bungah and then home sweet home....zzzzzzzz

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Zizi in memory

Zizi bte Ismail- 4 Sept 1965 - 28 Nov 2008
Received phone call saying Zizi was critical.
8.15am-Rushed to hospital, she could still talk & smile & joke....her hubby by her side.
10 am- Ambulance took her home, friends/relatives started pouring in upon hearing news....
11.15am - innalillahiwainna ilaihiroji'uunn......she lost her battle, about 2 yrs after being diagnosed of having melanoma.
...A bubbly, honest & cheerful young lady, married to Saw & blessed with a son (17) and daughter (14). She spent her last one month in hospital...
Dearest Zie, you may be gone but memories of our moments together will be cherished forever.
Zizi was one of the first few that I acquainted with when I moved to Penang Island from B'worth in 2002.
May Allah swt keep you among the favourite ones, alFatihah.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blurrr ke?

Tadi dok try new bloggers template that i got from some site...entah apa yang dah di buat, rumah i yang asal warna hijau dah TERcat warna pink. Malas nak pikir dah biar lah dulu.
Terlanjur bercerita, I'd like to share a site that maybe useful to us all for reference. Baru buka saja belum sempat explore lebih lagi, nak tengok, layarilah sini, Quran.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Lama makcik tak masuk blog...sibuk sikit + internet selalu buat hal macam chipsmore kejap ade kejap hilang....
Pagi tadi ikut hb pergi
photography, kita pun 'galas' camera ala2 pro gitu. And of all, member ambik gambar makcik & hb....memang jarang kami dapat posing dua orang sbb dia yang selalu pegang camera

Teruja dengan kerajinan blog
gers, makcik pun cubalah resepi fruitcake yang di ambil dari dapur ummi. Terima kasih. Tak payah letak resepilah ye....cake ni akan nampak lebih cantik bila dipotong kalau disimpan dalam fridge.

Monday, November 10, 2008

SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia)

My second son will be sitting for his SPM starting tomorrow. I've always seen him so relax but this time he seems panicky....exam blues? Tak apa dah usaha, dah doa and now all you have to do is tawakkal. Since yesterday dok complain...nak demam, tak lalu makan, perut berangin....mak pun sibuk mengalahkan doktor, bagi ubat demam, ubat gastrik, honeylah, vitamin C lah. Nampak gaya mak yang kalut lebih....All the best Adil, you've worked hard.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nasi goreng kantan

Nasi Goreng Kantan

3 cups cooked rice
3 pulps garlic
1 lemon grass
1/2 ginger bud(bunga kantan)
1 tbsp dried prawns (optional)
7 bird's eye cili (cili padi)
Light soy sauce
oil for frying

Pound/blend garlic, lemon grass, gingerbud, dried prawns & cili padi.
Heat oil & fry pounded stuffs until fragrant
Add in rice & stir until it mixes well, add soy sauce to taste.
Garnish with finely chopped kaffir lime leaves (daun limau purut)
Serve & enjoy 

Putu Mayam

Putu mayam or putu mayong as it is known here is Penang is another delicious, light food that can be taken at anytime of the day. Made from rice flour and cooked using steaming method
Putu mayam is eaten with sugar and grated coconut although some eat with curry or asam pedas. Mana nak beli?? Ada jual dekat food court atau di tepi jalan berhampiran pasar.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I've visited blogs & wow, they're all so good that I definitely need to improve mine. Meanwhile,,,,mai kita share recepi dulu....

Macaroni Cheese
250 gm macaroni, boil to instruction
2 pulp garlic- crushed
1 onion (i used yellow onion)- diced
1/4 of each- green, yellow & red capcicum - diced
1 bottle of pasta sauce ( i used Heinz- *)
1-2 tbsp chili paste (if you like hot, otherwise ommit)
150 gm mince chicken.
oil, salt,pepper.

Fry garlic, add mince chicken and fry until it dries a little bit, add chili paste, followed by pasta sauce. Add salt to taste & add in diced capcicum.

Place boiled macaroni in a bowl and add enough (or all of it) pasta sauce.

Scoop into baking dish. Coat with white sauce (optional) and top with mozzarella cheese and black pepper. You can also put a dash of mixed herbs if you like.

Bake @ 180 deg C until cheese melts and slightly brownish. Timing depends on size of baking dish

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back home...

Alif was discharged this morning. Back home, all I did was RELAX (sleep&eat). It was also the nasi kandar day (Nasi Kandar Kayu is just across from our house) as i was too lazy (say:tired) to cook.

Late evening, people from health dept came to fog our area (eventhough alif probably contracted dengue in usm..)
With hubby having dinner appointment, Alif @ USM, Adil still watching TV (oh that couch potato of mine!), MIL in her room, I am here trying to figure out how to improve my blog.Still learning.....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

2nd week of October was a busy one as i had orders and also an open house.
12 oct - attended a friend's open house. would regard as a house warming too since the couple and their 3 children moved into the house just 6 months ago. Nice big house ...complete with kidney-shaped swimming pool -in the middle of a padi field.

I had orders of Curry Mee and nasi himpit (pressed rice with peanut gravy) for 50 pax on the 16th.
The next day was an order for 80 pax. This time it was ketupat pulut with rendang ayam, nasi himpit with peanut gravy, fried beehoon, fruits, cold/hot drinks. I was lucky to have my 2nd son helped me that day, thanks Adil, you saved my day....

Immediately after, it was again preparation for my two sons open house. Every part of me worked this time and finally on sunday 19th, they had nasi beriani, ayam masak merah, daging kicap, kerabu timun, brownies, sponge cake, jellies, cheesecakes and my hubby's specially requested mee goreng (dubbed mee goreng uncle). It was a tiring but a very happy day as everyone went home smiling & a full stomach.

.....And as everything seems to eldest son had high fever this week. After two days at hospital, it was confirmed that he had dengue! My oh my and today is our fifth day at the hospital. Hopefully he can be discharged in a day or two as he will be sitting for his semester exam in less than two weeks.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Thinking what to put in blog is another 'headache'.....i realised that there's no ending to word 'learn'....
Family comes first in whatever I do. With one hubby (yes-ONE!) and 2 grown up sons, my days are still occupied.People say when your children are grown up, you live an easier life...but have another set/s of issues (i don't want to put that as problem) Eldest is at uni, the 2nd will be sitting for his SPM in 30 days time, OMG he seems relax but me???

Next week will be a busy one for me with few caterings to do. My sons are hosting a shared open house & as usual mother will be the one running here & there to put everything in place. God willing, next update, I will share my experience being a 'superwoman' of the house.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

makcikantin's domain

Welcome. After much thoughts, I decided to create this blog to share my interest in esp cooking and others, inshort a public diary-heh heh. At the same time I want to be on par with my soulmate who has a very nice & interesting blog. I will share his blog with you later..not now as his will definitely outdo mine