Monday, December 29, 2008

Gua Musang escapade -somewhere nowhere ride

Thursday, 25 Dec, Christmas Day
We started our 'somewhere nowhere' trip. Somewhere because we decided to go to Gua Musang, Kelantan & the nowhere refers that we don't really have a place to stay! Adventurelah kira nya.
We left Penang about 8.30am, after a brief b'fast at McD, Autocity. One and a half hours later we stopped at Bukit Merah Laketown, saja nak snap snap snap...cuti cuti nowhere kan...
Hubby yang take 'serious' pictures here and here, while Adil & myself ronda2 & take photos just for memory sake...

Bukit Merah Laketown entrance

Ingat nak pose lidah sama, takut Cik Igua 'murka' pulak

Adil, me, Wan. Missing in picture is Alif - he shud be here

Then off on the road again. Weather was good....only a little while for just after that, it started to drizzle. We pray for good weather, neither sunny nor rainy, so we could capture images along the way. Brief stop at Simpang Pulai for fuel/food before 'climbing' up Cameron Highlands, still undecided whether to stop at Cameron Highlands (CH) or continue to Gua Musang(GM). Weather does not permit good "along the way" photo shoot, so we only manage images thru our very own 'eye-lenses'

It was still drizzling when we reached the Cameron/GM junction - we decided to go straight to GM! The scenery was nice (we don't find 'green hills' anymore in town) though it was raining. The hill slope between Cameron and Lojing was full of activities- Strawberry/Vegetable farming.
The journey was very 'sunyi' not a car within the stretch...until an hour and a half later, we overtook a car. There were however quite a flow on the opposite site towards CH. It was amazing that hubby & me don't feel sleepy or tired, unlike the drive to KL. We both enjoyed the view but Adil??? Oh this guy slept throughout the journey. I make records of the names of the places we passed by (missed some of them) -: Sg Beruk, Perasu, Felda Chiku 1-8, Tmn Negara Kuala Koh, Felda Sg Aring, Paloh, Chalil, Lebir

This was indeed a 'rain journey'. We reached GM at about 2 pm and with help of GPS, looked for a place to stay. Trying a nice name, we logged Evergreen Hotel....arrived there & Adil strongly requested we find another place.......The hotel's on the first floor and the stairs up reminded me of the song "...& we go up to the the top of the stairs...." Cancel! we looked for another one & settled with Fully Inn (which incidentally not "fully" booked). The 3-storey building has no lift so we climbed our way to the room on the second floor. It was raining, so after lunch (tapau from gerai behind hotel), we had our 'siesta'. All shops closed (X'mas), no mall but luckily ada pasar malam that day. Redah hujan to buy dinner (nak tengok around town actually) and bumped into this cek mek molek jual tudung, ha moleklah tu.....

Cik mek molek hok tudung brown tu

Tak ada apa nak buat lepas maghrib, watched tv, read magazines we brought along. Kesian Adil, he was so bored that he read newspaper! Something he doesn't do back home & now I know where to take him if i want him to read. The other classic place in GM is the railway station. We cannot capture the station from outside as it was raining.


  1. Amboii makcikkantin - sonoknya jenjalan, x abis lagi eh..pegi smpai Gua Musang sana..uiihh.. x pergi ke Gunung Stong ke? Dgr citer cantik gak air terjun situ..

  2. Hi ummi, mck dah balik mai penang. tak jalan mana2 kat gua musang sbb hujan.

  3. Si Tudung perang tu ada alamat dia tak?Mana tau lain kali nak ode barang...

  4. he he..mungkin abe wae ado...cek mek molek tu dok kecek pasa kamera, bapo pixel dll, teman sibuk belek tudung je

  5. awat makcikantin x lalu belah2 temerloh ni sama...
    bleh p sampai kb noooo...
    belah sini x mai pong...

  6. ehmmm wani,
    bukan tak nak pi, dok kira2 juga but ,kalu gi situ, nak balik pg dah double the cuti cuti la kot....

  7. Resipi Cheese cakr yang hang buat dulu tu mana dia

  8. Mak Chik your link dah saya masukan dalam blog saya
    bila nak bubuh saya punya link dalam blog you ni

  9. Ya koay teow king,
    ampunlah...baru tengok. saya mmg nak letak link tapi hilang add dia. wokeh saya taruk sekarang, jangan marah haaa.
    resepi cheesecake nantilah dulu..kalut lah.