Friday, January 29, 2010

Time flies......

Feel like 2010 is just few days old, BUT today is already the last friday of January 2010, how time flies....
My week 4 of January was busy with 3 days of catering....done, phewww...penat.

Yesterday, relax day, mengemas pun tidak, masak pun tak.

Encik troy16 took leave & we went to movie in the afternoon....(he he orang lain dah tengok berkurun dah ye tak?).

Encik, bila nak blanja tengok The Spy Next Door pulak? (:-)

AVATAR (google image)

Today, dok tunggu phone call nak gi fetch Adil kat jeti. He's coming home for the weekend.

Okay, have a wonderful weekend everyone! Love you all

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Home Alone

The Curved Tote

Not really alone, my eldest son, his friend & MIL at home, just lonesome as troy16 is away.
Today was spent shopping stuff for next week's order.
Dah balik tu, ngadap computer DH (my computer is dead!)........

Today I letak entry sewing lah ye.

I actually made this one day before i left for S'pore. It takes a couple of hours to complete.
Saw this in a magazine & here is my version of the 'curved tote'

one pocket outside

two simple pockets inside

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ladies Day Out 2- Singapore

As usual, before any decision making, you'll have discussion & many questions will pop....when? where?, how?, what?, who?......

good discussion results in bright ideas! yeaaa
(google image)

and it takes a pair of hands on the keyboard. Thanks Dolly
(google image)

Have passport will travel

Have your suitcases ready.......Eh dah siap packing???

( Coupled with a pair of strong feet....)
Dengan kaki kaki yang kuat berjalan.......

(Walk?? no, we fly!)
Nak jalan kaki??? tak nakkkk, kita naik kapal terbanglah!

Haaa, dah sampai pun, legaaaa

Well, the 4 Lopez again embarked on another 'leave-the-husband-at-home' trip. The last time we spent one night out (entry aug 8, 09).

This time, Jan 17 - Jan 19, we were gone for two nights, i repeat TWO NIGHTS.

Destination: Singapore.

Purpose: Just to have quality time together. Shopping & sight seeing is not top of the list.

Initial plan was to book a hotel somewhere in Orchard Rd. However, noraini's mother from UK happened to be in S'pore & she wanted to meet up with her.

So we stayed at makcik Saejah's house, a friend of makcik Khatijah (noraini's mum), at north of S'pore.
Note that both of them are actually makcik jah

welcome welcome

Makcik Saejah, being a very pleasant host, the four of us (almost) made ourselves at home!

First on the list (ni makcik Khatijah punya list) was to go to a relative's wedding somewhere in Bedok. Not prepared, (we were caught off guard), we went to the kenduri wearing what we arrived in! Hentam sajalah labu....

(me, dolly, makcik saejah, noraini, relative, makcik khatijah, ahmad's daughter, ahmad)

The food? Hmm very sedap. Nasi minyak and a big spread of kuih & drinks. Thanks to the host.

Back from kenduri, we rested. We had nasi lemak for dinner. Makcik Saejah had cooked earlier in the morning.
Thought of going out that night, BUT Noraini was flat! She said she 'sleep 15 mins' - she ended up 2 hours, so we all chit chat & had a good rest at home.

The following day, we went out early. Superb public transportation made our journey easier & faster too. We went to places on a bus and the mrt. Our travel was made even easier with the purchase of flashpay card for use on both the mrt and bus.

Kuih lopis (bukan Lopez ye!) & bread for day 2 breakfast at home

On the way. Ready to capture the streets!
from the house (background) to the bus station(just in front).
makcik saejah (in orange blouse)

Feeder bus

flashpay card, limited edition purchased @ SD 12

We went to Orchard Rd and arrived Tang's way before opening time. A while there, we took a bus to Geylang. We stopped halfway thru the journey because makcik saejah wanted us to sit on the double decker bus. Makcik Saejah is indeed a good tourist guide! Thanks again makcik.

We had lunch at Joo Chiat complex, tea at Orchard Rd and dinner at Arab St.

delicious briyani kambing for lunch

we all had briyani at Joo Chiat food court

Buuurrrrpppppppp. Alhamdulillah

Gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut, semua happy
( Happy & satisfied faces after lunch)

Dah "charge up", apalagi, jalan lagi lah

Unfortunately the Geylang Serai market place was closed that day (monday)

Pratha & teh tarik @ Orchard Rd.
Lady in black is makcik Rohani, another friend of the two Jah

Sambil2 jamu mata (window shopping)

A very brief stop at Mustafa Center (very crowded)

We were sent home by Noraini's brother, thank you Mr Ahmad.
Packed all our purchases as we have to leave for home the next day. We had no problem stuffing our luggage as we're light shoppers :-)

Chit chat lagi before zzzzzzzzz........

Makcik prepared breakfast as usual, this time fried rice, fried chicken & fried cempedak.

fried rice & chicken for day 3 breakfast

As we still had time, we lazed in the lounge chatting chatting & chatting.....

Pleasant host makcik saejah and makcik khatijah

The smiling Lopez, mission accomplished!

How time flies especially when you're having fun & in the company of those you're comfortable with. Soon, it was time to go. We again took mrt to Changi Airport. We changed train twice, once at City Hall and another at Tanah Merah.

While waiting for the train to airport

Last pose on the last train

Both makcik sent us to airport. Thank you makcik(s)

calling, calling


If you need a 'hand' to model your jewelry call 012-xxxxxxy...

- We definitely had a good time as we were already planning our next trip!

- What amazed me was the three makcik(s). Makcik Saejah, Khatijah and Rohani were surprisingly strong! I said strong because we walked a lot, up down the mrt & bus and they're just superb. They were ahead of us most of the time.
One thing for sure, they are actually frequent traveller;
makcik Khatijah has sons in S'pore & travels UK-S'pore every year.
makcik Saejah has children across the continent, 1 each in US, UK & Australia
makcik Rohani also has a son staying in the UK

"The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had." ~Author Unknown

"Nobody really cares if you're miserable, so you might as well be happy". ~Cynthia Nelms


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Apam Keladi - Jom ke dapur

It's blessing in disguise .... sort of. When i could not be in front of my computer as much as i used to(my Mac Mini is still at the clinic), i started to be friendly with my kitchen again. Saaayang kitchen.

Got this recipe from a friend's book - One Publisher.

Something different and tastes good.
I only add 3 drops of the colouring, add more if you want darker.

Apam Keladi (Yam Steam Cake)


300 gm yam (diced & steamed)
400 gm superfine flour
350 gm sugar ----> i used 300gm
250 ml coconut milk (100ml thick coconut milk + 150ml water)
1 Tbsp baking powder
5 eggs (grade B) ---> i used 4 'A'
11 gm dried yeast
1 tsp salt
1 tsp yam essence (i don't use)
few drops of purple colouring


  • Blend steamed yam with coconut milk + few drops of purple colour, put aside.
  • Beat/whisk eggs, sugar & salt till light & fluffy
  • Add yeast, flour & baking powder (i premix them all)
  • Mix well
  • Pour in yam/coconut milk mixture, stirring to mix
  • Let it stand for 1 hour.
  • Fill mixture in mold of your choice. (fill @ 3/4 full & i used 'lompang' mold)
  • Steam for 20 - 25 mins.

Happy cooking

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nahe nahe nahe

Mesyar ye toh nahe....
mesyar ye toh nahe...

magel he hasi....

mere tuj ko muj ko....

(hentam sajalah labu...i don't even know if the above was correct)

He suddenly stopped breathing!
Checked heartbeat, nahe (hindustan sikit)
Drove to the nearest clinic, they don't have the necessary equipment to diagnose.
Took him to the specialist...
'Oooo, he has to be warded and quarantined...' (he --> because it cannot reproduce, otherwise i would have a back up).

Filled up the form, given the serial no &....' we will contact you in a few days time...'

Back home, i was like....lost.....


My Mac Mini....i miss you

Ha ha the gimmic.
Now i'm using DH's computer.....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Adil's lecture/computer bag

I realized that of late, there is no food entry from me. Let's just say i don't cook , i seldom cook or the images did not turn out good when i feel like posting.

Eh eh syoknye dah pandai potong ayat you, tima kasih cikgu.

Looks like my interest have been shifted (slightly) from cooking to sewing as i have the sewing machine in the comfort of my room.

I managed to finish Adil's school bag

The Bag (size: 39 cm x 30 cm)

with zipped pocket at the front for his stationery & such
(also with 3 magnetic buttons)

The inside: compartment for laptop, books & pocket for power cables

With that finished, I still have another one inline ie Alif's bag. He is yet to provide me his design preferences. Meanwhile, i already have a few projects in my mind.

- will definitely keep you posted!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Today is (sort of) leisure day

Macam tak buat apa2 walau buat kerja sikit
- Off to shopping mall with DH
- Lepak @ home
- After maghrib nanti nak send adil back to seberang.
- Ronda ronda tadi jumpa sekolah ni, dia ajar 'potong ayat'
   ni nak cuba.

   saya nak potong ayat ni

hmm berjaya dah (he he orang lain dah tau awai lagi noooo)

okay, dah bang magrib, bye, jumpa lagi