Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ladies Day Out

The day will be remembered for a very long time definitely. YES it was a long-planned outing & only materialised on 6th august 2009, due to our commitments, being a wife, mother, guardian.....

At 9 am - Dolly, Noraini and myself took off from Penang after a heavy breakfast of nasi lemak/teh tarik @ Kayu Nasi Kandar. There must be only one driver & dolly was.....

dolly at the driver's seat

Arrived Tambun @ ~ 11 am  to fetch another 'che kiah' - Yati.  Eh 'che kiah' doesn't sound so good in this trip story, so i say we are the 'lopez' lah, feel sexy sikit hmmm.
We chit chat a bit with Yati's hubby, Suhaimi (nak tinggal kan..kena buat baik sikit) and after 'pesan-ing' suruh jaga ayam&itik, we headed to our destination, exchanging stories along the way, only Noraini seemed mellow-she slept. 

Oh ya, me forget. I also have to bribe my abang troy with goodies, so he didn't feel so 'kena tinggal'. I left him with many kinds of chocolates/wafers & drinks in the comfort of our room! And I am pretty sure Dolly & Noraini did the same - anybody would.

We reached Cameron Highlands  about an hour and a half later and checked into a 4-to-a-room Rainbow Hotel. Not a problem to check into any hotel during weekdays I suppose, infact we got at least 60% off the room rate.

at the lobby

two 'lopez' posing in room
After settling down, went out for lunch at the food court - a 3 minute walk from the hotel. Yati had rice (perempuan melayu terakhir nih, kena cari nasi juga) & the other 3 'lopez' (he he-sexy) settled on bihun sup & fresh orange.

@ Brincang food court

bihun sup pucat (cilinya kat mangkuk kecik tu)

Went up to the room at the top of the stairs again (macam title lagu Kenny Rogers pulak!) before traveling towards Tanah Rata.

Look see look see, we stopped at a strawberry farm to tengok2 and sempatlah menjamah strawberries topped with cream & chocolate drizzle (@RM10). 

sweet, sour, creamy strawberries

Lagi jalan.....stop pulak tengok2. Mana boleh tengok saja...tangan mesti gatai punya. Bought some goodies:- jam, dried fruits, tea etc.
Note: There are lots of shops/stalls along the road selling these items.

some of the goodies

Lagi jalan......we stopped to check on fresh strawberries. Thought of buying on friday on our way down & was told by the lady.."oooo esok lu tak dapat ini price lagi tau, orang ramai..." obviously the price would go up on friday. Lots of other stuff on sale; fruits, vege, flowers etc but we only borong strawberries, kalu sorang dah 5-6 packets, 4 of us?....

colourful flowers on sale  

Getting dizzy from shopping spree...we drove to Strawberry Moments, a cafe ala ala secret recipe, nak buat apa enjoy the foodlah. This cafe is near our hotel actually, jalan pun boleh.
Unfortunately, there's nothing much there except for strawberry strudel, was told that fresh cakes come in every we were 2 days short.

   Strawberry Moments (red signage). I 'import' this pic from

 the normal spread that was absent during our visit (pic from

By this time, Noraini has already 'charged-up' (by the cake/chocs probably). It was near maghrib, we went back to our hotel. We were greeted with a very heavy downpour and you imagine the 'lopez' taking ~ 75 meter sprint from the parking lot to hotel. Oh no, we travel light with only one tudung, one jeans....grrrr. 

Dinner was steamboat at "Fauzi Tomyam", an eatery also a 3 minute walk from the hotel. Yati & I felt a bit cold whereas Noraini & Dolly were ok. The steamboat and teh tarik warmed us up. Gelak pi gelak mai, time to go back.

Continued our chit chat in the room, this time with pepsi, nuts, chocolate & sweet corn as dessertsNsnacks.
It was during these 'sembang-sembang lopez' that terms like inspector gadget, serial killer, secret agent came up.....we do feel like charlie's angel though...
We sembang sampai one by one zzzzzzzzzzzz, supposed i was the last one to doze off.  It was again drizzling outside, we left our window open (not that cold anyway)
Dolly/Yati on one double bed & Noraini/me on the other.

Lepas subuh? Tidur washing to do, no breakfast to prepare, no schedule to meet...
Breakfast was bread & half boiled eggs, downed with (again!) teh tarik. After two hrs of 'sembang lopez', we cucimata/flush duit buying t-shirts at the shop nearby. No photos here as my camera mogok kot & forgot to bring my phone along. And its time to checkout!

On way down, Mck pulak pening sikit....stop at a roadside shop to rest....& shop! (nama pun shop kan). Last minute usual, the dried stuffs/jam/juices etc etc.

noraini, yati, dolly & mck posing...thank you abang apek yg tolong snap photo ni

Belum last stop lagi tau.....we stopped again to buy rebung/petai at the roadside. He he mck ni, pening/sakit perut pun sakan lagi....
Rebung&petai were our last purchase in CH. Weather was good, cloudy but not raining as we drove down, still talking & talking.....
Dropped Yati at her place & we drove to Taiping where dolly visited her son @ MRSM & we had our late lunch @ KFC.
Arrived Penang safely at about 7pm, thanks to our F1 driver (phewww-boleh lap peluh kat dahi tau-u know what i mean...)
Pst pst: already discussing our next don't-know-when & where trip.

Conclusion: It was a very memorable trip together, being in the company of people you're comfortable with (apart from your family)


  1. shuhaimi. faiz & rashid.... lets make our big boys outing before the lopez's 2nd fling. May I suggest you guys have your raybans ready as I am planning some beach party far far away where other foreign lopezs running when its not raining :)

  2. Seronoknye jalan2... lama betol tak sampai cameron highland... suke tgk strawberry tue... :)

  3. special pantun for Troy16:-

    Terima kasih daun keladi,
    Kerana pinjamkan cik kathy,
    Moga trip di lain kali,
    Boleh upgrade tambah satu hari lagi..

    hehe..cakk!! jangan mare aaa..satgi kena juai!!

  4. sis, very clear pictures.. beautiful memories.. worth carrying the 'berat' handbag 'somebody' packed for u..

  5. mr troy - our 2nd fling may be sooner than u expected.

    br (ijan?) - ye la strawberi= cameron highland.

    dolly - nice pantun & yes alhamdulillah sib baik pictures turned out good.

  6. ini balasan pantun khas utk cik dolly:

    Kathy, Ma'am, Yati dan Dolly
    Bila depa sembang, orang lain semput
    Air Asia ada ke Bali
    Jika ke Bali, saya nak ikuuuuttttt!!!!

  7. wah sakan mck berjalan2, bershopping2 tinggalkan uncle troy! my last visit to ch is err... err... lama sgt dah sampai tak ingat!

  8. i presume if i were to embark on a similar trip, mesti lagi byk aktiviti makan! hehe :)

  9. lina, kita tukar pepetah sat...sayangkan suami tinggal-tinggalkannnn...

    kucing - gamaknya perut kita ciput sikit kot dari perut kucing.

  10. Seronoknya... jalan-jalan dengan geng...kalau saya, lambat lagilah nak merasa macam tu...askar bederet....he..he..

  11. ummu - lambat tak pe..akan dtg jua waktunya..tunggu je

  12. amboi.. seronoknya... sekali sekala ekkkk.... tinggalkan kerja rumah.. hehehhe

    thanks for visiting blog mama.. hehehe.. mama kat sebelah jerrr. boleh jerit jerr dari BJ tu.. hehehe..

    so bila nak jumpa??? wink

  13. makcik pi jemjalan dengan geng ye?..nanti ajak erin sekali boleh?

  14. MAMAZIEZAAAAAA - ha dah jerit dah tak mai pun...he of these days kita jumpa, nanti mck email lah.

    erin - bolehhhhh apa kata sebagai permulaan kita pi jalan jalan kat QB dulu..he he

    selamat berpuasa cek no