Monday, August 31, 2009

More sewing on Independence Day

I fancy nasi kandar today for buka puasa, so kitchen closed! No posting of the previous days food.
Instead, i bury myself with fabric....sewing.
Ya, hujan2 ni tak tau apa nak buat, go blog-hopping and found something interesting in one of the 'houses' and this is the outcome.....

pleated shoulder bag

The inside

This lady provide tutorial for the bag and since i'm just trying out, I use fabric that i have at home. When it was done, i realized that it was quite monotonous with only one colour, so I add the flower.
I made the flower using felt and used safety pin to secure the flower to the bag. Can be removed anytime (not a nice one anyway) and replaced with any other contrasting coloured stuffs; brooches etc.
Am also learning to make a baby blanket. I managed to finish the blocks, seeing the guru tomorrow for more instructions


  1. Amboi... pandainya menjahit... Boleh le jahit baju pulak...!

  2. Salam,
    Thanks for visiting.... lovely works you have here... will come to visit often later....

  3. It really turned out great Khadijah! I know that tutorial is not the easiest to follow since it was one of the first ones I made up, so I am extremely impressed you could follow it! You have some great sewing skills!

  4. Wahhh cantiknya beg yang makcik jahit!! Mama suka! Mama ni tak ada kesabaran nak menjahitlah. Makcik tak ambil upah ke?

  5. mck- ummu ---> pandai sgt tu takkk, tapi nak jahit baju needs lots & lots of patience, tak taule lagi...

    mck-diah---> thank you, i'm into sewing lately..

    mck-STAHike---> yup, i stared at the tutorials for hours trying to figure out, before i started cutting! thx again.

    mck-mama---->TQ mama, dok kumpul bag lah ni, nanti2 mck ambik upah manalah tau..

  6. Hello Makcikkantin, you orang Penang? Saya suka Penang, really miss Penang and all its delights.
    Wow, you are very talented, ha ha, not only can sew but good photographer.
    That bag is very nice.

    Bahasa saya very jurassic, sebelum saya ta'berani reply in bahasa, nanti tulis atau spelling salah get mistaken for marriage proposal, ha ha, itu la lecheh sikit.

    But very happy you datang ke pondok saya.
    We are 12 hours behind Penang local time. Saya just woke up nampak your kereta BMW parked in my Blog, ha ha.

    Will be looking forward to seeing you again...
    until then you have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.
    ps, somehow Penang women have that certain Island charm....hati saya kena Tsunami berapa kali only in Penang, ha ha.