Monday, August 17, 2009

Jom Makan

This entry was in my 'save' for  about a week. I've to let this out as i have another entry on da way.....
Food is the main agenda in my sister-in-law's itinerary if she comes back to Penang. Picked her & her hubby from the airport ~9pm and soon as she stepped into the house; "jom pi pekena nasik kandaq...". Kayu Nasi Kandar is just a 3-minute walk from my house, so not a problem. No photo, dah malam..pi 'ngap' saja...

Next morning was a trip to Sg Petani to visit someone and we had rojak buah  and ais kacang mesin. As I didn't take any photos, i hope this one   can be of help to show how rojak buah looks like but ais kacang mesin......tak dapek den nak nolong. It is actually blended ice kacang with extra 'milo'(serbuk dia tau, bukan bancuhan). You can get this at Sg Petani Bus Station.

Dinner was mee udang, just so-so.......a better one is at Gertak Sanggul

Sunday breakfast was kuih tunjuk tunjuk (kat warung) je. 
We took Ache & Jani to this Padang 'Broom' to sample Penang's delight - pohpia, laksa, cocoq udang etc etc....
Padang 'Broom' is actually a name given to that place located at Jalan Brown; 

The "Broom'?? Ohhh this is a little bit of history.....Dulu dulu kan kaaa, bila orang putih mai buat Pulau Pinang ni rumah depa, nama nama jalan ni semua boh nama tok nenek depa....jadi nana & nani chek apa ni tak berapa tau nak sebut nama nama omputih tu , so "Brown" jadilah "Broom". 
Itu dulu, lani mamak, mami, nana nani semua pandai cakap omputih dah! And there's also a padang nearby, hence the name "Padang Broom", begitulah serba sikit  ceritanyaaaa 
Ok lah, so much of the cerita, now let's see THE FOOD that i captured thru my 'hp lens'. 

The Pohpia (nala gedebak you @ RM1/pc)

The Cucoq Udang (top left, the small bowl is the dip=kuah kacang)

The Laksa (chinese style, small bowl one, big bowl oso got)

The Drinks (left-apple asamboi, right-limau asamboi, toptwo-ciccau, almost hidden with blue camca- orange juice {omputih saja minum ni kot?} )

The 'KL'ians-enjoying their meals

They still have time for 'siesta' before their flight home that same evening!

Have a good day!

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