Friday, August 21, 2009

Jom Main Masak masak

Today is the last day for us to have meals during the day. Tomorrow, Muslim all over will observe the first day of Ramadhan. The solat sunat tarawih starts tonight and the predawn break will start in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. Selamat berpuasa to all muslim brothers & sisters.
I did a last catering service this morning & will stop briefly during ramadhan.
Today's dishes were fried bihun, 2 sweet treats (creme puff & chocolate cake), 2 savory (sardine roll & prawn fritters), coffee, tea & fruits.  

And last week, there was an order for lunch and I made nasi hujan panas (colored buter rice), ayam masak merah, kurma daging, kerabu timun/nenas, fruits and drinks.

Nothing special, just that I have a little bit more time and the internet is damn 'strong'.

Signing off - Makcikkantin  -


  1. malam ni sahur masak apa ? kan sedap kalu dapat makan mcm waktu siang

  2. sahur? sardine roll. berbuka? ayam kuning bakaq N ayaq asam - mai la join