Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour-28th mar 2009

8.30-9.30 pm, in support of the earth hour, we lighted the candles.
Hot, dark and feeling stuffy (perasaan je) something popped up. With camera and torchlight...the results of one hour darkness.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Soyabean Jelly

This recipe was given to me by the owner of a baker's shop ~ 10 yrs ago. Its very nice.

480cc soyabean milk (no sugar)
1140cc water
220 gm sugar
2 1/2 tsp agar agar powder (i use layang2 brand)
1/2 tin evaporated milk
pandan leaves

- Boil water, sugar, agar2 & pandan leaves.
- Add soya milk and evaporated milk. let it boil at low heat until small bubbles appear at the
   sides of pot. Turn off fire.
- Pour in container of your choice.
- Serve with canned longan. (fruit & juice) 

Banana cup cakes


1 1/4 cup flour
1 tsp soda bicab
pinch of salt
1 cup castor sugar
1/2 cup oil2 eggs
1 cup mashed banana (~ 5 pcs pisang emas)
1 tsp vanila

- Sieve flour, soda & salt
- Whisk sugar, egg & oil till light
- Add banana and vanila
- Fold in flour.
- Spoon mixture into paper cups.
- Bake ~ 25 mins (until done)

Yoghurt & raisin cake

As promised. the recipe

4 eggs 
240 gm butter
300 gm s/r flour
240 gm plain yoghurt
160 gm raisin (i use blackcurrants)

- Cream butter & sugar until light.
- Add eggs, one at a time.
- Fold in yoghurt followed by flour.
- Lastly, add raisin (b'currant)-mix well
- Pour in lined baking tin
- Bake @ 170 deg for ~ 40 mins (varies with oven)  

Eventful weekend

Saturday....21 March
Our younger generation (nieces/nephews/sons) tried their capabilities at organizing a family day.
They had discussions, sent out invitation letters......their Bukit Hijau proposal did not materialised, instead they all turned up at my house during the weekend to gather.
We had BBQ on saturday night, gambar lain tak ada lagi..yang ni saje, kelabu pulak tu!
Jelly ni pun dah tinggal separuh baru teringat nak share dgn bloggers lain, sedap tau, nanti makcik share resepi okay 

The following day, Sunday- a sunny day; we tapau'ed'  the previous night leftovers and headed to the beach - Sg Batu, 
Both mums (mak/mak mentua) sat cosily on the foldable lazychair and the rest were on the normal picnicker's mat. Some watched and some had plenty of fun in the water.

Few of us were already wet when pak uda pulled (or rather pushed) kak pijah into the water. 
20 minutes later...."alamak! phone kak pijah dalam poket le..." aiiyaaaa..."tak pa satgi pak uda ganti lain" said pak uda (hubby). A few others 'offered' to dip in with their phones! 

And this cucu saudara , Sarah was having her great day in water.

Everyone was having fun until kak pijah got a cramp in the leg. She's had that earlier in the week as a result of a track event she participated at the campus' sports day. Took her to the clinic and that ended our home lepak lepak lah pulak until late evening when one by one started leaving. We replaced kak pijah's damaged hp that evening (hmmm expensive outing hah)- dan cramp dia pun pulih lah perlahan lahan......

Note: There are eight of us in my family  and of these, only five made it to the gathering, altogether there were ~20 people. Hopefully, next time round, the others can make it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Anak oh anak

Minggu lepas makcik kat KL, teman hubby yg ada kerja......
Sorry McK kena cakap orang putih sbb setengah member tak faham bahasa melayu& yang pasti ramai kawan makcik yg pandai bahasa inggeris...

Arrived KL on thursday evening and hubby met me @ Sunway Pyramid (bus stops there). Night at Armada Hotel....just about to sleep, Alif called to say that Adil met with an accident! My oh my, luckily he was not hurt, but the front of my car was damaged.
The next morning, Wan with his appointment & I busy calling Penang; alif, adil, mechanics, friends, the guy my son banged into.......settled!

Alif, our eldest had a minor accident within a month of passing his driving test. He knocked or rather 'brushed' a stationary car while coming out of a parking lot in gurney plaza, where he worked part time in 2003. The side of my car got he owns that car.

Now 2009..Adil knocked the back of another car (also within a month of passing driving test) and damaged the front of "the eventually his" car.

One experience each and two lessons to learn from each other...many more from others.

Checked out Armada & check in Impiana KLCC...
Dinner @ The Appartments with Dr Lee & Dr Schuele.
14 mar-AM: Went to Genting Highland on a ~ 50 mins busride from One Utama(OU). A 10 mins wait and we're in the Skyway (cable). The Skyway trip covers 3.4 km of the tropical forest and we reached the top in 15 minutes.
It was the start of a one week school holidays and the crowd started to build up in the afternoon.
We walked around the place, indoor/outdoor theme parks, had snacks and came down at 3pm, just in time as it started to rain. Lunch @ OU.
PM: went to Rasta, TTDI for dinner & met up with Ache, Jani, Naje, Lok, Nurul & kids. We joined in the fun of watching footbal match (liverpool vs man U) via big screen. The thunderous applause after the match proved that the place was (at least) full of liverpool fans.
Took 4 pm bus back to penang on sunday...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chili Chicken

Let's share this simple recipe - son's favorite.

1 piece chicken cut to small pieces (~20 pcs)
2 onions, thinly sliced.
4-5  Tbsp cili powder (more if you want x-tra hot)
3 Tbsp sugar.
Oil for frying
Salt & tumeric powder.

- Clean chicken and season with enough salt & tumeric powder. 
   ( It's best if you let it stand for about 15 minutes).
- Fry chicken until cooked- put aside.
- Use the same oil to fry onions.
- When the onion is soft, stir in the fried chicken.
- Add cili powder and mix well, stirring all the time @ small-medium fire.
- When the cili is evenly incorporated, turn off fire.
- Add sugar and stir evenly (can add more sugar if you prefer sweet)
- Serve with steaming hot white rice.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Engagement - Congratulations Yani

Helped to prepare stuffs for my friend's daughter engagement, soon after I came back from my holidays.

Bermula dari buat bakul hantaran...(prepartion to basket decoration...)

Bakul & bunga yang dah siap. (The finished product-basket & flowers)

Tuala (Towel)

Choklat (Chocolate)

Sunday was The Day. Dressed in a beautiful outfit and charmingly made-up, Yanie was officially engaged to Amran. Wedding ceremony is due to be held next year....

Trinket box, a gift I made for Hajar, the mother of bride-to-be

Alahai cucu maktok (Hajar's grand daughter)

Till next year....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

There's no place like home....

1st March, sunday day 9....
Wan & I walked along Rue des Alpes in the early hours of Sunday morning after breakfast. It was cold and quiet. Only few people on the streets. The cold air, the clear sky, the long bridge, the big lake, the small waves, time to say goodbye......

The building above was old & discolored but  came to live by the colourful windows

10am, we checked out.We split at the station. Nan/Zairi to continue their journey on high speed train (TGV) to Montpellier, France for another two weeks assignment and we took the train to Geneva airport. 

We accidently sat in the first class coach when we had the 2nd class ticket; too late to change as we reached the destination in just about 6 minutes, but not without warning! Thousand apologies, we did not do it on purpose. 
QR 66 depart 1410 Geneva, arrived Doha 2200 hrs. The sleepy face @ Doha airport..........

3 hrs wait - QR 624 depart from Doha 0115. Arrived KL after 7 1/2 hrs flight.  We took the bus back the same evening.....and arrived home @9.30pm. Home Sweet Home (this tag reminds me of ummi)

There's no place like home. Memories of  cold Switzerland, the quiet, beautiful Lausanne, the hospitable host Xavier & Adisa, the excellent public transportation,the soft whisper of the Lake and the busy streets of Geneva still lingers... 

Merci, au revoir et ayez un beau jourThank you, goodbye and have a good day