Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 - Resolution?


Every new year, we hear this word being mentioned- Resolution

Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something (from the dictionary)

So, have you got one?
For many of us, when young, we were beautiful, tall and slender....

just like a coffee pot
(google image)

Years later you realized - OMG!

you look like a tea pot! but still as beautiful :-)
(google image)


dari lempeng......
(google image)

tetiba dah jadi lepat (he he teringat pulak kat dia)
(google image)
or worse still

from no belly...
(google image)

to jelly belly 
(some say its a sign of prosperity) 
(google image)

Most common resolution:
- i want to reduce weight
- i want to earn more 
- i want to look good

What ever it may be, do moderately. This, i am reminding myself as well...

- have regular checkup 
   because at this age, 'A' is not Apple anymore but Athritis. boleh juga     
   refer kat DrOnLine
- build up our inner peace

Inner peace (or peace of mind) refers to a state of being mentally or spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress.

Being “at peace” is considered by many to be healthy (homeostasis) and the opposite of being stressed or anxious. Peace of mind is generally associated with bliss and happiness.

Peace of mind, serenity and calmness are descriptions of a disposition free from the effects of stress.

(extracted from here, thank you)
Let's hope we get closer to our Creator, God willing, Ameen.

Moga Allah perkenankan doa doa kita;  

...dikurniakan cahaya ketaqwaan & tetapkan iman 
image: troy16

...di permudahkan perjalanan hidup..
image: troy16

di kurniakan kesihatan yang baik....

...di murahkan rezeki....
image: troy16

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Minggu tak ada motivasi

Minggu ni memang not motivated at all! Why?

1. I had stories to tell, my network slow.

2. My network okay, my mood was not there

3. My mood okay, the pictures I had were blurred!

Phrggggh, tak kan nak kena bawak digital dah kot? Very bulky lah.

I really had problems taking pictures since I changed my handphone, higher pixel but somehow, the outcome was not there.

Maybe I am not good but howcome most of my photos last time (if not all) were okay?

Tak kan tangan dah mula menggigil...ooooo tension tension!

Waaaa, now i miss my sony

What I missed;
- two weddings last weekend.

Kenduri anak schoolmate kat Ipoh, pengantin dah tak tau kemana, pic shows the host (center) with some of our schoolmates.
The host/hostess were our school mates too (pic courtesy of troy16)

Kenduri sepupu kat Butterworth (pic courtesy of troy16)

ladies night out, one hand on the table, one hand snap photos..Perghhhhhh

Nak update blog pun ada problem, tak macam selalu......why ooo why??

Friday, December 25, 2009

do you feel the same?

Banyak benda nak cerita tapi macam 'not motivated' pulak.

have you ever felt like this before?

Friday, December 18, 2009

My one year blogging....

source: google image - thank you

It has been a year since my first entry..
I was actually inspired when I bumped into few food pages while googling many years ago, but kept it to myself until i plucked enough courage to come up with this 'public diary' of mine. 

9th oct 2008 - Birth of the domain

once upon a time....
my first photo (a borrowed 'google image') 

I make friends along the way, each of them are unique. 

hanieliza  - her fotopage inspired me

wan-flickr - soulmate who encouraged me into blogging

wan-blog   - his blog, mostly on photography

son1 - supporter

son2 - supporter

nicole - made her 1st comment but she is lost in space now.

ummi - Her 'accident' into my blog (oct30'08) really keep me going, thanks ummi

mamafami - ( 9th feb 09). i started smiling from ear to ear as i had more courage by then.

ummuafiq  - sejuk mata & hati membaca blog ni

linahilmin  - young, beautiful mum, she's more like a daughter to me, saaayang lina 

kucingorengemok  - This 'lempeng to lepat' lady never fail to keep me smile, TQ!

afis   - my sis-in-law who actually suggested my blogname

maisya- never fail to amaze me with her local kuih (& others too)

mamazieza- 'jiran sekampung' rupanya, dah dengar suara, belum bertentang mata

matGebu  - This guy?? excellent!

aniza    - my quilting expert buddy

blogresepi  - admire her, cukup rajin, cuma sejak dia 'pindah rumah' i have problem visiting.

brorozan     - his skills (esp kek lapis) can cause red-face to some ladies

diyana   - anak penakan mak caq yg bila dia beranak, mak dia dah jadi tok! he he

kacip  - unique name, first discovered her in forum (moderator you!!)

Dr HamidSain    - my 'online' doctor. You all should visit him

akakerin   - member senegeri, lama dah dia tak 'masak', pi mana?

uncle lee    - have been his silent reader for a long time before actually 'talked' to him. LOve his long short stories

dolly  - she gave 'birth' to her blog after our sembang che kiah @ sofina's. welcome sis.

wawan   - kawan anak ku yg tetiba berkawan dgn makcikkantin pulak, rock steady wawan!

arniNasir   - my newfound quilter's friend

ygInsaf  - ada sesuatu yang menarik tentang en_me ni, quite mysterious.

afiza   - lagi sorang anak penakan.... yang ni rajin buat cupcakes

Plus many many more that i have bookmarked and i make sure i visit them. Also to my silent readers and to hoppers who accidently jumped into my home - you're most welcome!

Actually, these have made my life more meaningful as there are so many things you can find in the net and learn from all FUNtastic YOU out there.  THANK YOU!

How my THursday went by

Bangun pagi gosok gigi cuci muka minum kopi...(mari kita nyanyi sama sama)

Prepare food for alif & his friends, left at home.....

Briyani in a periuk

Briyani ayam (togel je..makan ngan kerabu timun)

Lepas tu cepat cepat siap, ada appointment with dolly & noraini....

Lunch at Sofina's 

Coincidently, Nasi briyani juga but with lots of lauk. Thanks Sofina, very sedap. Dah lama we made plans  but timing's always not right.

And then......dah pakat awal2....(Adil godek godek kat belakang kereta).....


Terkedu Dolly sekejap as (i think) she didn't expect this. We enjoyed the cake.... sofina's talam suji & kuih kosui 

Bila perut dah kenyang,  che kiah mulalah buka mulut pulak..pot pet pot pet sambil minum kopi. Did talk about blog creating. I hope they will join me soon.... 

catching up with each other
while the children(right, 2 seated, 1 on sofa) listening...for tips???)

Makan mee goreng/pasembur with troy & adil, kira dinnerlah ni

HELLO, kalu isi nyoq tebai seinci, orang tak kata nyok muda tau, orang panggei nyok tok wan! 

Nyoq tok wan!!!!! (just to express my disappointment)

The guys watched footbal final - Malaysia vs Vietnam. Malaysia won 1-0. I watched them!

The guys, watching... 
(yg hujung tu dok sibuk msg 'mak andeh' kot)

Tajul,alif's friend who stays with us during sem holidays)....
the next pengulas sukan or rather future coach?? he he you know what i mean

Monday, December 14, 2009

bags bags bags

I actually finished these projects on-the-dot before my monsoon tour trip.
- hubby wants a smaller bag to take his film camera along.
- need to pass one bag in Terengganu
- I feel I must have a new one also!

15 hours of labour and 4 unpicks!

troy16's camera bag: 22 x 15 x 9 cm. Material - yarn

...with top zipper & magnetic button

cinelle bag; my palm was very sore when I finished this! (have to hold toothbrush with my left hand & cannot even hold a pen)

material: cotton; 7 layers + 1 interface + 1 lining.
Goes to kak Ros Terengganu

And this one done in record 6 hrs straight!

Four-faced sling; material corduroy

Proud of my sling

Thursday, December 10, 2009

monsoon Tour 2


One day in Terengganu, we drove to Seremban via karak/kuala pilah. The journey was a very long one. This route was suggested, thinking that we might want to stop and capture the 'kampung' nature. Ohhhh, we didn't stop......after ~7 hrs drive, we reached Seremban:- pheeeww!

our host in Seremban, thanks Nazri & Emma

Kat Kelantan ada Hayaki Kopitiam, kat Terengganu ada Killiney Kopitiam...kat Seremban ni Pak Tam pun tak mau kalah.....dia buka satu kopitiam!

Pak Tam Kopitiam, Seremban

Breakfast: Roti Pak Tam special & nasi lemak (sedap ...)

sibuknya dia orang ni.....Port Dickson

tanjung tuan

An interesting fact about about Tanjung Tuan; it is situated in Negeri Sembilan but actually part of Melaka, the land 'protrudes' out into melaka waters.

observe 'stairs to nowhere', located by the road of Tangga Batu

......And one for the album.......

and two......

and three....

eh eh eh ada yang 'interframe'

kathy and the boyz

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monsoon Tour 1

In conjunction with the monsoon cup , my family decided to go on a tour of similar name.
Starting off early 2nd dec, we started the journey via Gerik, troy16 at the wheels, me beside him & son1/son2 zzzzzzzzz behind.

good weather in Baling

Tasik Banding, abuzz with 'Eco Challenge Amanjaya' activity

Drizzling (taken from inside the car) as the landmark showed 'Kelantan'

We managed thru wet 'Pasar Siti Khadijah' 
(to show my eldest as he wasn't there during our first time around a year before)

Hayaki Kopitiam with WiFi @ Jln Kebun Sultan

There's a 24 hours' Kopitiam, called Hayaki, located on both sides of Jalan Kebun Sultan. We sampled toasted bread w half boiled eggs  and nescafe/hazelnut coffee during the night and had nasi dagang for breakfast. 

My three guys were busy with their cameras, tak mau kalah, I kept busy with my handphone camera. 
At Pantai Sabak, Pengkalan Cepa (so said Jimmy, the Kelantanese), we saw fishing boats up on the land for repairs and to be given new facelift. The boats here are very colourful and delicately carved 'headgear'. 

One night in Kelantan, it started to rain heavily  & we decided not to proceed to Terengganu, but a very persuasive abg anuar made us continue driving despite the news of road closure due to flood. He has been calling us since early morning, saying "you better come, it's sunny in Ganu today" 
Abang Anuar was our senior in sekolah sains & we've not met 34 yrs!

Terkejut juga, kena ambik passport nak masuk ke Taman Tamadun Islam(TTI) @ Pulau Wan Man.
He he jangan tak tau...'imegresen' chop paspot tau, both in and out of the place.

passport to enter TTI

TTI features 21 great Islamic Monuments from all over the world, photos below shows some of it

The monuments

A very windy day @ Cendering

 ketupat sotong (infront) and sotong/ikan celup tepung 
@ cendering

Spent a night at a relative's house & went to a kopitiam for coffee later in the night

Killiney  kopitiam (photo is just the front cover of menu), 
dishes ranges from bread to footlong sausages to laksam

nasi dagang Ganu @ batu burok for breakfast

Visited another relative where the main house and a few other small chalet-like sits on a 9 acre land complete with natural lake. We had a boat ride right in front of the house. There's also the bird 'hotel' built for the swiftlet
felt like we were at a resort somewhere......
it's getting too long......i'd better stop
more updates on Monsoon Tour 2 (to be continued)