Monday, December 14, 2009

bags bags bags

I actually finished these projects on-the-dot before my monsoon tour trip.
- hubby wants a smaller bag to take his film camera along.
- need to pass one bag in Terengganu
- I feel I must have a new one also!

15 hours of labour and 4 unpicks!

troy16's camera bag: 22 x 15 x 9 cm. Material - yarn

...with top zipper & magnetic button

cinelle bag; my palm was very sore when I finished this! (have to hold toothbrush with my left hand & cannot even hold a pen)

material: cotton; 7 layers + 1 interface + 1 lining.
Goes to kak Ros Terengganu

And this one done in record 6 hrs straight!

Four-faced sling; material corduroy

Proud of my sling


  1. auntie..nak sling bag cam tu jgkkkkkk

  2. mck, cantiknyaaa! esp that 4-faced sling bag. kalau nak beli, nak jual tak? (tanya betul² ni) :)

  3. camera pakey film ada lagikk ker.. uhuhu

  4. wawan - boleh je, mai jumpa auntie (since wawan kat sini kan),

    KOG - boleh di usahakan, u hv email so i can provide details? kena cepat sbb that fabric is very limited

    en_me - eh eh dah pindah 'rumah' ye...
    film camera ada lagilah kot sbb dia dok gila yg tu pulak lani..cuba visit troy16 flickr/blog -mungkin u know better kot.