Saturday, December 26, 2009

Minggu tak ada motivasi

Minggu ni memang not motivated at all! Why?

1. I had stories to tell, my network slow.

2. My network okay, my mood was not there

3. My mood okay, the pictures I had were blurred!

Phrggggh, tak kan nak kena bawak digital dah kot? Very bulky lah.

I really had problems taking pictures since I changed my handphone, higher pixel but somehow, the outcome was not there.

Maybe I am not good but howcome most of my photos last time (if not all) were okay?

Tak kan tangan dah mula menggigil...ooooo tension tension!

Waaaa, now i miss my sony

What I missed;
- two weddings last weekend.

Kenduri anak schoolmate kat Ipoh, pengantin dah tak tau kemana, pic shows the host (center) with some of our schoolmates.
The host/hostess were our school mates too (pic courtesy of troy16)

Kenduri sepupu kat Butterworth (pic courtesy of troy16)

ladies night out, one hand on the table, one hand snap photos..Perghhhhhh

Nak update blog pun ada problem, tak macam selalu......why ooo why??


  1. tak pe kak.. nanti datang la balik mood tu.. biasa la kan..mood ni up and down... agak2 lambat nak pulih tu gi terapi dgn menyopingkan diri ker... hehe

  2. hi arni,
    u buat i senyum pepagi nih....menyoping mental terapi, tapi bab gambar blur yg betul2 put the mood off

  3. Hello Makcikkantin, sometimes we get one of those days when things go wrong or we feel blue.
    But the sun will still come out tomorrow and the doves will sing outside your window.

    Love seeing your beautiful pictures here. You're a good photographer. Well taken pics.
    Here's wishing you and all at home the very best of Seasons greetings, stay young, stay beautiful, and keep well.
    Have a happy new year. Best regards, Lee.

  4. Memang ada harinya yang kita akan rasa, semuanya serba tak kena. Kalau kita kena macam tu, ish rimas sungguh. Mulalah kalau boleh, nak baring lepak tengok TV je sepanjang hari. If only la that's possible!

  5. uncle lee,
    thank you very much, my days are starting to be colourful now.
    a very happy new year to you and i hope to see more interesting stories from you.

  6. mama, yes mmg betui, buat apa pun semua rasa tak kena. buat apa pun macam bluurrrr je.
    insyallah, sikit hari lagi okaylah tu....

    thank you & hepi new year