Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bengkang Nangka

Resepi ni asalnya dari bengkang tepung maisya & makcik tambah nangka mesin untuk rasa yang sikit berlainan.


2 eggs
2 cups coconut milk (1 thick coconut milk + 1 cup water)
1 cup plain flour 
1/3 cup corn flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teasp salt
3-4 pcs nangka (jackfruit)
yellow colouring (optional)

Mix all ingredient and blend till smooth.
Pour in baking pan and bake @ 200 C 30-45 mins or until skewer comes out clean

Note: Never mind if the jackfruit is not smoothly blended. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mr Gadget

My man is quite a techno-gadget kind of guy. Given the opportunity (and affordability), he would like to be the first to own all-you-can-think-of items and accessories.

Nasib baik tak dak hobi tukaq bini.....

His latest toy

The iPad

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Simply sedap

Claypot Chicken Rice.

This is an 'ala-claypot' chicken rice as i don't have claypot to put my rice into. 
A simple procedure where you have it all; rice and chicken in one cooking, highly recommended to busy women out there. 


2 cups rice, washed & drained
10 pcs dried shitake mushroom (cleaned & soaked for 1 hr)
1 chicken, cleaned, cut to 20 pcs
3 1/2 cup liquid (ie water + liquid from marinated chicken)
Sesame oil (optional)


2-3 Tbsp dark soy sauce (caramel type)
3 Tbsp light soy sauce (more if you wish)
5 garlic, crushed
1 onion, sliced
1" ginger, crushed
1 chicken stock cube
Salt, only if required


  • Marinate chicken with the marinade. 
  • Drain chicken and place in rice cooker. Retain the excess liquid.
  • Squeeze excess liquid from shitake mushroom and place on chicken.
  • Put rice onto chicken/mushroom, distributing evenly.
  • Add 3 1/2 cup liquid(*) into rice cooker.
  • A dash of sesame oil (if using).
  • Cook as normal.

(*)Using the cup (or whatever cup used to measure rice), measure the excess marinade, top with plain water to make 3 1/2 cup liquid

Serve hot. You can garnish with either salted fish or salted egg, & spice it up with cut cili padi or cili sauce
I made sauce by mixing blended cili with cili sauce, salt & sugar and stirring over medium fire to thicken.


  • This is just a reference, you can adjust quantity/ingredient to your need. 
  • 3 cups rice ideally yield 6 serving, but can differ in actual case.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We diversify....

from cooking to facial product to .........bags!

This is the fun part. I have so many projects in my head that my hands cannot cope. Slowly but surely, i will definitely put my dreams to reality.

I had put this project on hold, as then, my time was taken away by both my mum (al-fatihah) and mum-in-law.
I had to basically restart as i had forgotten how i started. (no proper design but 'design' as i go...that's obviously not a good designing technique!)

After few unpicks, here it is......Son 1 camera bag.

The Alif Bag

It is quite difficult to do as the bag has to be thick enough to support and protect the camera.
Cukup lah kot...lepas ni kalau nak lagi bag camera, pi beli lah ye...

And ohhhh, talking about my son. He has been doing wedding/event photography for few years and now managed to put things in the web. Please feel free to browse here and you can contact him if needed.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Kalau ada sesiapa guna product ni, harap dapat bagi testimonial ye.....:-)) 


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Simple as A B C...........

Bancuh, Tuang, Ikat........ya itulah tagline kita hari ini ya puan puan dan tuan tuan.

Pernah dengar Aiskrim Malaysia? Bukan aiskrim 1 Malaysia tau sebab aiskrim ni dah ujud sejak makcik dok lari lari keliling kampung dengan 'seluar katok' lagi tau.

(Seluar katok = seluar dalam.)

Nak buat dia senang;

( The so-called Aiskrim Malaysia is actually frozen sorbet, achieved by placing sorbet of any flavour in long, thin plastic & kept frozen)

Langkah 1: Bancuh 
(flavour of your choice)

Langkah 2: isikan dalam plastik panjang 
(fill up in long, thin plastic)

Langkah 3: ikat
 (tie/secure the open end )

Langkah 4: Letak di tempat PALING sejuk di rumah anda 
(freeze it!)

Nikmatilah, ...sarsi, sirap, bandung, milo.. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sometime, something make you smile.....

I went to buy a kitchen stuff that a blogger friend ordered. I asked if they have the box that i can put the stuff into......

The writing on the box attracted me........
Lihatlah.........canggihnya barang import.....

"achelli, i start to think, sometime you no need so clever to go global, as long as have bisnes minded"  haishhhhh, some lucky.........

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mati Cili Hidup

Should say the phrase above as you would say "Hidup Malaysia" or "Hip Hip Hurray" .

You know Y?

Cili hidup or cabai hidup has become a controlled item kot.  Selalu cili hidup di letak dalam bakul & placed kat shelf where we can pilih. BUT not this time, cili dah naik setakok, masih dalam bakul, tapi kat tepi taukeh......

Mahal ooo sekarang....

Ok kasi saya empat biji.......

........seringgit lima puluh sen (RM1.50 for 4 pcs cili hidup!)

See? beruk pun terkejut

Ni kira kes dah kena makan dengan tangkai sekali

dah berkudis pun

Toksah (tak usah = do not) makan sambal belacan lah buat sementara waktu nooo

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eh eh begitu teruk sekali???

Harini makcik type N3 guna tangan kiri saja sebab tangan kanan terpaksa di'rehatkan' selama 3 hari. Ini semua gara gara hari isnin (silalah baca entry sebelum ni), 

Story today;

Lembu crossing the road is very common, even dalam bandar...canggih, everything comes to a halt bila lembu lintas jalan....

thank you Mr Google

But one early morning when i sent my nephew to work, I saw this lembu in an awkward position...macam tersangkut.....kesiannnn.....

I took this using my hp while still in the car. 

Kesian.....nak tolong camne ye...

Angle tak best, so i got off the car to get a closer shot....

'apa tengok tengok....' maybe that's what he said

Suddenly it got up! Opss! I ran to my car, tak sempat nak ambil gambar dia in upright position.

Laaaa, Sorry laa....En Lembu was actually enjoying his breakfast when I thought he was stuck there.

note: I say En Lembu because i see two small tanduks there, hope i got it right.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Awat jadi lagu ni.....

I was in full swing on friday morning.....between 'ready' and 'giddy'. Yes its the day i'm to undergo a minor procedure (?).

7.30 am we were already at the hospital..only to be told doctor come in 8.30am....

Dr C came, checked, shake hand....."see ya at 12......" 

meanwhile pi dok kat ward dulu...

Pakcik went off, ada appointment....."i comeback later..."

3 hours wait, misi mai bawak wheelchair.....

misi:  puan we go see doctor.

puan:  " tak payah, i can walk...nak lari pun boleh...."

misi:  U sure? they say you cannot walk....


Long walk to the clinic...
Note: It is normal for the nurses/attendant to accompany you to clinic when you are warded.

dr N:...was asked by dr C, bla bla bla....

makcik: ??? (gelabahlah tu tapi masih tunjuk macho...)

dr N: don't worry....its a normal procedure.

note: puan &  makcik = same person

Another wait at the ward.... hala hp camera sana sini...sambil tengok kiri kanan...takut gak nanti....."sorry, no pictures allowed maam..."

the room...sempat lepak, tak sempat tidur 

nice.....the view infront of room

the food for 'orang sakit' 

Late afternoon, together with pakcik we went to see dr N.

Discuss discuss....."okay, you come monday, we do....."

Adoiiiii, i come for C, i end up with N

Debarnya nak tunggu monday.......

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Life has to go on.....

It has been about 3 months that my kitchen was 'dark'. I hardly cook as i had been here and there nursing....

Now that it is sort-of over, I treated myself and my family to something simple.....

Pakcik loves this;

Sambal udang...with petai it tastes better

And sons love this;


i'm sure they don't go hungry if i make this

Me?? I prefer this!

TQ San PM for inviting us to enjoy your harvest (d24)!