Monday, November 23, 2009

i can, can u?

These few days/weeks was quite a buzz. Kejap ada kejap tak ada, tadi di sana, kini di sini....gitulah adanya....

However I would like to share my last three days' activities. I attended an event called "Friends Gather" organised by our sewing guru, Corine.
It was a quilting basic, intermediate and advance workshop.  
Bag lovers had a chance to hands-on ; buy the kit/s you fancy and learn to sew them with a fee.
There were quilts on display, cotton materials, sewing machine (Bernina brand in particular) & accessories on sale........

the participants

the expert sifu (Rosie) - instructor, giving a demo

we learn this in basic 1

machine trapunto in intermediate 2

OMG, the advance.......i'm as confused as the patterns.


all in THREE days! ha ha ha

and the happy hour/s too......(mestilah happy)

bags & purses on display

the quilt gallery

one of  many of the instructor's artwork

buy buy buy

 more cotton

and the happy faces

And in the haste (cewah, macam very the sibuk sangat ye), the guru/organizer is nowhere to be found. All i have is just this small photo of her....

the guru/organizer, corine (wan corineshah), in pink

the friends


Day 1 - basic; free motion quilting. Started off by sewing straight lines, curve, diagonals, loops etc. Easier 'seen' than done.
Reaction: Happy

Day 2 - intermediate; machine trapunto, we ( or should it be just "I"?) discovered washable thread. Sew along a traced pattern...looked simple...hmmm.
Reaction: Stressful 

Day 3 - Advanced; was thinking at first whether i should join. Have to make continuous patterns, various shapes, free hand, no drawing.
Reaction: Confused & frustrated

 It was a memorable 3 days where I discovered tricks/trade of my passion, met  talented people, make friends and above all...i enjoyed myself! (not to mention, spent quite a lot too)

Conclusion:  Stressful, confused, frustrated but happy with the outcome.

Keyword from sifu:  Practice, practice, practice

Something that i did just few days before the workshop..(thought we have to show some of our work...)

my incomplete-done-in-a-hurry project...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Catering day

Today's cater 
nasi tomato, ayam merah, dalca sayur, mix vege, muffin, fruits & honey lemon drink

me, now

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hajat tak kesampaian

Got news that our friend was hospitalised. 
Hubby & me are actually classmates in secondary so we share common friends.

Hubby pun called the florist with details ........

The bouquet.....

It was destined to be; the florist on his way to hospital, our dear friend was on his way home (discharged!). 
'Frantically' (a little bit overboard, he he) calling other friends, no one knows his new home address.....

The florist sent the bouquet to sender's home.....and......

it ended up in our lounge

To Isa, if you happen to read this (i doubt), have good rest & speedy recovery. Tengok bunga tu kat sini lah saja ye.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

something to nothing

hari ni.....blank.....

pernah tengok buah pisang gugur dari pokok??


Chot enjoying his snacks (keeping the lamp tower for him to gnaw)

The background:- spiderman as drawn by troy16 & medieval on one of our dining area walls

and finally, troy16 & my lunch...not supposed to cook, but troy suddenly came home "masaklah apa yg ada lam peti es"......nilah saja yang ada....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Small, simple collection......

Have been doing this small pieces for the past one month......

happy viewing..

taken= booked by someone

pencil case (taken)

Purse (taken) and coin purse

the collections
coin purse (taken)

coin purse

handphone 'sling-bag'

all four

Thursday, November 5, 2009

one tuesday.......

Penang bridge ---> Juru--->Sg Bakap---> Alor Pongsu---> Bukit Merah---> Taiping--->Bukit Gantang---> Gua Tempurung--->Sg Perak--->Spg Pulai-Tapah--->Ldg Bikam--->
Behrang--->Rawang--->Sg Buluh  

Stop 1 (ease, rest, snacks, snap, change driver) @ Bukit Gantang

who owns the ripe rambutans?

Stop2 (lunch) @ Sg Buluh

Everyone knows this - Satay Kajang

Stop 3 (destination)

PJ: Troy16's meeting place

Stop 4 (the reverse, going home) @ Sg Buluh

(cropped, googled images)
Dunkin's set meal (tuna mayo, iced coffee + one donut)@ RM12.20
-too hungry to take photo of  food, makan dlm kereta punnn)

Heavy rain along the highway......

Stop 5 (buy fruits) @ Bukit Gantang

Stop 6 (late dinner) @ Auto City

My Old Town Kopitiam's favourite

Stop 7 (destination) - Home

Phhhewwww, what a day!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

eventful sunday.....

Sunday......supposed to be sunny, but over here its gloomy & rainy. That's outside okay, inside the house? My urat 'R' (=rajin) dah di kira terlebih kembang.....i don't know why.

Maybe i'm happy bcos adil prepared dinner the night before (me sweating as well)..
adil's creation - ala ala chicken chop

This was how my sunday morning went by;

market survey........the selected few

bathe chot....

lap sendiri lah chot ye.....(self grooming)

bathe the fish......(temenung: "apa tengok tengok")

'drying' time

mari kita lihat siapa yang kena....(cakaplah mcm cerita p ramlee tu)

yang lain???...... wait for your turn

i give you cold treatment & wait in Q

"refurbishing".......(left over lamb)

serawa pisang....(banana in coconut milk)

jadi siap!....(ready)

clean a portion of the fridge...just an eighth of a portion i guess

the rest of the fridge left to be attended - until next changelah

letak ubat mak (one week's prescription day/night)

Tapi..pup pap pup pap....alif/adil goreng telur the lauk (except lamb=alif)  is not to their preference......adoiiii rasa rugi aku waste time kat dapur. masing masing goreng sendiri...

alif's nasi, minyak sapi, lamb & telur goreng 
(note: telur goreng dia nipis macam dia)

adil's nasi, kicap, telur goreng w cili sauce & sambal belacan.
(note: adil's telur goreng is like him, 'fluffy'-tengok tanganlah)

'seketul' adil and 'sebatang' alif (as they refer to themselves- their size)
 but now adil pun dah tukar jadi sebatang gak

dah, jangan kacau lagi.....i want to be with my toy now......