Saturday, January 23, 2010

Home Alone

The Curved Tote

Not really alone, my eldest son, his friend & MIL at home, just lonesome as troy16 is away.
Today was spent shopping stuff for next week's order.
Dah balik tu, ngadap computer DH (my computer is dead!)........

Today I letak entry sewing lah ye.

I actually made this one day before i left for S'pore. It takes a couple of hours to complete.
Saw this in a magazine & here is my version of the 'curved tote'

one pocket outside

two simple pockets inside


  1. Hello MackKantin, I love this bag. This is real designer bag. Ada your name somewhere on the bag, or initials? Macham YSL? Ha ha.

    You have a good trip to Singapore.
    Keep well, ada senang datang, best regards, Lee.

  2. Hello Uncle Lee,
    I'm glad (& flattered too) you like the bag. Thought of putting initial similar to MCK but on the 2nd thought, MCK=MakCikKantin, its not suitable for bag label! He he...I'm still thinking of a name, until then, my designer bag/s will have no name.

    Thanks again

  3. what makes you think that YSL is not Yo, So Lousy? ... lol

  4. Hello Makcikkantin, ha ha,
    Minum kopi and scratch head think of a name...your beautiful must have a designer name.
    Maybe a humourous one?
    "SambaL"? Ha ha, Lee.

  5. troy,
    YSL=Yo So Lousy??? nanti they send to to jail pulak! merana i

    uncle Lee,
    HA HA HA, betoi boleh pechah perut ketawa. saMbaL, hmmm nice name, but i beLacan is even better, don't you think?? dah minum kopi sampai mabuk, scratch head sampai botak, nama belum jumpa..ha ha ha, real joke lah you!