Monday, November 3, 2008


I've visited blogs & wow, they're all so good that I definitely need to improve mine. Meanwhile,,,,mai kita share recepi dulu....

Macaroni Cheese
250 gm macaroni, boil to instruction
2 pulp garlic- crushed
1 onion (i used yellow onion)- diced
1/4 of each- green, yellow & red capcicum - diced
1 bottle of pasta sauce ( i used Heinz- *)
1-2 tbsp chili paste (if you like hot, otherwise ommit)
150 gm mince chicken.
oil, salt,pepper.

Fry garlic, add mince chicken and fry until it dries a little bit, add chili paste, followed by pasta sauce. Add salt to taste & add in diced capcicum.

Place boiled macaroni in a bowl and add enough (or all of it) pasta sauce.

Scoop into baking dish. Coat with white sauce (optional) and top with mozzarella cheese and black pepper. You can also put a dash of mixed herbs if you like.

Bake @ 180 deg C until cheese melts and slightly brownish. Timing depends on size of baking dish

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