Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nasi goreng kantan

Nasi Goreng Kantan

3 cups cooked rice
3 pulps garlic
1 lemon grass
1/2 ginger bud(bunga kantan)
1 tbsp dried prawns (optional)
7 bird's eye cili (cili padi)
Light soy sauce
oil for frying

Pound/blend garlic, lemon grass, gingerbud, dried prawns & cili padi.
Heat oil & fry pounded stuffs until fragrant
Add in rice & stir until it mixes well, add soy sauce to taste.
Garnish with finely chopped kaffir lime leaves (daun limau purut)
Serve & enjoy 

Putu Mayam

Putu mayam or putu mayong as it is known here is Penang is another delicious, light food that can be taken at anytime of the day. Made from rice flour and cooked using steaming method
Putu mayam is eaten with sugar and grated coconut although some eat with curry or asam pedas. Mana nak beli?? Ada jual dekat food court atau di tepi jalan berhampiran pasar.

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