Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

To all mothers out there......

For a while, I forget i am mother as I was busy being a daughter.....until son1 gave a MD kiss followed by son2 phone call to wish just past midnight.....
followed by text messages from friends & relatives in the morning, but this one is beautiful;

" A Mom is like a simple calculator. Someone who ADDS comfort, SUBTRACTS fear, DIVIDES blessing and MULTIPLIES joy" 


  1. So sweet of your sons. That shows they really appreciate their mom. Happy mother's day to you.

    Kalau ada kelapangan, harap sis sudi ke blog kita. Ada award waiting for you ya...

  2. mck.. tu baru simple calculator.. kalau upgrade pi calculator scientific, ntah camna noo.. meletops!!

  3. Hi Makcik Kantin, hope you had a great day. Have fun and a great week, best regards, Lee.

  4. MamaFaMi,
    Thank you& same to you. Nanti makcik pi rumah you ambik hadiah tu.

    Dolly oiiiii,
    Kalu upgrade pi scientific calculator...alamat mak semua jadi robotlah, segala Megatron pun kalah bila Mektron interframe.

    Uncle Lee,
    Thanks...been quite busy the past weeks. Picking up slowly but surely now, missed ypur pondok.

  5. Assalammuaalikum mc kantin, tq a lot pasal translation komen dalam bahasa cina tu, tapinye masih tak paham apa la yg dia membebel...ada lagi 3 komen yg baru, sabo je la...

    my hubby suka tengok gambar2 troy 16 kat flick.

  6. happy mother's day to you too makchak :).

  7. ummu,

    bila dpt msg tak paham, guna babelfish tu & kalu tak paham apa dia kata just ignore the bebelan tu, most of it r just rubbish.

    thanks dear, same to you young mom