Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Salam Rabu...

Nak story activity from weekend till today....kita gostan noo..

Wednesday: MIL lepas op...stable condition, no complications. My SIL  is at the hosp with her.
Dinner makcik, pakcik & son1 @ hom:- tuna croissant saja.

Tuesday : MIL in OT for a medical/surgical situation

Monday : Sent MIL to hosp for 'check-in' prior to tuesday's operation

Sunday : Watched Ironman 2 with pakcik and son1 (son2  watched the day before with friends) 

cantiknya mata hero....

Saturday: I reverse (gostan) because saturday story is longer....

A day where relatives (mainly my sisters-in-law) came over, visiting MIL before her op.
Jani & Ache came flying, Fidah & Fudin came driving while Noni & Nana came riding.
Mak Tam, Mak Lin & Diman, Pak Amat & Mak Amat made the occasion merrier.  

Ache offered to cook fish head curry....we went marketing in the morning (habih semua ikan kat pasar hilang kepala hari tu...) and in no time he converted himself into "the flying chef"

'The Flying Chef' at work....wifey jadi mandor

And the hostess (makcik laaa), prepared black pepper prawns and fried taukua.

Taukua goreng with cili kicap dip (*)

Evening, after sending the flying chef & wife to airport, pakcik & makcik treated ourselves to a cappuccino @ CB&TL. 

Then, look see look see around QB, stopped by an outlet & pakcik bought me some outfit....

Makcik pun apa lagi..... senyum sehari semalam......bangun esok pagi tengok cermin pun senyum tak habih lagi. 

Terima kasih lah pakcik. Tiap tiap bulan buat camtu kan best :-)))


  1. tiap² bulan kena rasuah black pepper prawns kot...? ;)

  2. uihh mck.. dapat baju baru.. muka macam bunga matahari aihhh..

  3. KOG,
    he he kena umpan ngan udang besar punyaaa..

    muka cerah cam matahari...tapi bujoq macam sirih tau.

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  5. Salam Makcik,
    paling best, part pak cik belanja kat ESPRIT. ehehe.. :)

    Selamat Hari Ibu buat Makcik... anything special on Hari Ibu? ;)