Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring clean

I managed to clean some of my pc's "Bookmarks" today. Usually, during blogwalking, i will stumble upon catchy blogs & will bookmark it until later. And some of that later has been over a year! I did notice that some who commented my n3 (whom i think is new) are not new to me, i visited them before. They are actually in my bookmarks;

At the same time i have to housekeep my own pondok as some of my links have now padlocked their pondoks with :- This blog is open to invited readers only"    

With that note, i have no means of visiting, thus, i have safekeep them.
I am very sure that my circle of 'friends' will grow, looking at the many blogs mushrooming now.
I hope owners of the blog/s don't mind being added to my link ya. If you do, please inform as i will remove as you wish.....

Saturday....SIL from Banting came over, had lunch. The day before, i cleaned up my kitchen fan and got no time to assemble them. Luckily this young man gave me a helping hand.

young technician - Amsyar, thanks for helping makcaq

My clean, assembled fan (beli masa zaman Makro dok hidup lagi..)

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