Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Year, Mandarin Oranges, Holiday & Gifts

This is year of the Tiger according to the chinese calender. I'm not well versed on this, but you can learn something here, from uncle lee

When heaps of mandarin oranges 'overflowed' into homes, it resulted in your house being 'strewn' with oranges everywhere; on the table, in fridge, in lounge, in bedroom....anywhere you can think of, so as to make it accessible regardless of where you are.
Thank you to friends for the oranges, we really enjoy mandarin oranges during this time of the year. Happy New Year.

(google image)

This is also time (most of the times, as we have plenty of celebrations here) where shopping malls shower you with gifts (???)
Really? Not really 'cos you have to spend a certain amount to get it. And we bought got this cute stuff while shopping in OU recently.

Tiffin carrier

Tiffin carrier or the 'sia' (there's a way to say this) reminded me of old times. Folks back then used tiffin widely. It comes in various design & sizes but with ONE purpose:- to carry food;

  • Malays used it to carry gift (sugar, rice etc) to be given to the host during a kenduri (gatherings like wedding/thanksgiving). Usually, the tiffin will have a ribbon tied to the handle (something like the tag as in above picture) for identification. In return for the gift/s, the host would usually put cooked rice and a dish in the tiffin.

  • Chinese would use it to put their lunch, usually rice porridge and soup/vegetables. Very handy, cost saving and obviously healthier as you have home cooked food.

  • Similarly, the Indians will also carry food in this. All I can think of is tosai or capatilah.

Those were the days, I missed them though. Modern days have tiffin replaced with the ever so popular tupperware, tipuware or disposable foam containers.

Mai kita pakat pakat bawa 'sia' (sebut kena sengau sikit) pi kenduri......ada berani??

This is also time for you to just loiter the malls during the weekdays eventhough most shops were closed. (applicable to working people)

enjoying moments @ Baskin Robbins

....or just enjoying the sunrise.....

sunrise thru the lens of my hp (near Lebuh Sg Pinang)

Talking about sunrise, we were at this place one morning; DH wanted to capture sunrise and me accompanying him.
A few moments later, I heard someone saying something in chinese. Assuming he was referring
to us (we were the only souls at that area, others were about 50 meters away), i turned to him.
Sensing we don't understand, he continued " jangan pergi situ, nanti turun tak bole naik"
Just then, I turned to DH and saw him struggling out of the mud, half-knee deep. Thanking the ahpek, I went to DH.
Apparently, he stepped into the soft part of the shoreline thinking it's just normal soft mud+sand, but quickly pulled himself when he realized he was 'sinking slowly' and he feared there might be broken glasses or other sharp objects underneath.
So friends, be cautious when we are at unfamiliar places.

I've been my usual self....infact busier with more washing/folding/ironing (hate this!) to do. Son 2 came back with loads of washing to do.
We also played host to relatives - bonding time.


  1. the "sia" u got is very cantik. i liikkeeee. hehe. me too have 1 "sia" at home. my mother in law bought it for me and my "biras" sambil berkata

    "amik ni sorang satu. senang hampa nak bawa balik makanan dari rumah mak."

    ahahaha. adakah 2 org menantunya kena perli? ahahaha. but we took it positively dengan menapau seberapa penuh yang mungkin dalam "sia" itu. ahahaha.

  2. he heh, yes memang cantik sia ni.

    eh eh dah mak mentua bagi tu (kira dia mmg tau dahlah tu..), sekali sekala, letaklah buah tangan dalam tu sebelum menapau.

  3. Hello Macikkantin, Happy Tiger year to you.
    The Chinese word for oranges is "KUM", also means 'Gold".
    So it is a custom during CNY, even on other times, to bring or present Oranges to relatives or friends...when go visiting, as it's like you giving 'gold' to the person or persons.

    Gosh, I have not heard that word, "tiffin carrier' I think more than 40 years! Ha ha.
    Ya la, my time instead of saying lunch, we say, 'tiffin'. Today its 'lunch'....or as kids will say, 'grub'.
    My wife sometimes bila chit chat with her Mat Salleh kawans will lupa and say, come we go for makan".
    And the raised eyebrows of, "WHAT"? Ha ha.
    You have a nice day, and stay young, simpan satu lagu dalam hati, Lee.

  4. Uncle lee,
    Good day, other than KUM we also receive kuih bakul, so i assume the KUM will stick to me all the time..ha ha ha kaya lorr

    on the lighter side of story:- if chinese word for 'gold' is 'KUM, then how do you interpret 'hantu KUM KUM' - the hantu ever so famous in the 70's or 80's i'm not sure. The hantus must be carrying gold, don't you think? :-))