Monday, October 11, 2010

Quite busy......

Was in KL last week and some of the activities...... featured in this public diary :-D.

1. Rare occasion

Followed pakcik to a place where he did some auditing. It was a food processing factory supplying stuffs to its outlet all over the country...
You have to be 'sterilized' to be at the production floor. It was quite a task getting dressed, quite a challenged to walk in those outfit...but i'm loving it!

oversized, i lost my hand in it....and legs too 

2. Shopping frenzy......sort of

one for pakcik...

one for makcik
 (IMPORTANT: above not image of makcik okay!)

3. Wedding ceremony

Selamat Pengantin Baru....

Muhaimin (AC) & Syira at Putrajaya on saturday.

The lovely couple with relatives

No cake cutting during my time....
seen here with SIL-Jani and cousin-Zali

4. Kellie's Castle

Stopped by on way home. This is an unfinished 'castle' of an estate manager by the name of William Smith. Entrance fee : RM4/- (hmmmmm

Deeply-interested-in-this-hobby hubby 
taking his best shot

'Models' posing within the castle


  1. Hi, how's your Levi's jeans? Does it really fit nicely? Does it really look as good as in the magazines?...Teena

  2. hi teena,
    unless u r as shapely, u won't look as good as in the picture but its better than the others that i had earlier...try la..

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. uih! gambar yg first tu.. nasib baik depa tak suruh pakai outfit macam astonaut lengkap dengan helmet! lawak tengok baju and kasut oversized mck ..

  5. Salam Makcik,
    Suke tengok gambar models tu posing... makcik dan pakcik ni memang best couple :)