Monday, September 12, 2011

Stuffed Portobello


Portobello or portabella, according to en Wiki, originates from Europe or Northern America.
But makcik got it from Tesco je....

I was attracted to it by the size; two pcs with 4" diameter and another 3 slightly smaller....

Portobello Mushroom


The stuffed:
I used ingredients that were available in my kitchen......
Asparagus, small piece of lobster my sister brought back from Sabah recently, onion, garlic.
Saute crushed garlic in butter and add the rest, cook for a while, add salt & pepper to taste.

The Mushrooms:
Remove stem & clean. Brush butter or drizzle olive oil on mushroom. Sprinkle salt and pepper.
Bake/grill for abt 20 mins.

The assembly
Arrange portobello in tray with stem side up. Put in stuffed, top with cheese. I also put cili flakes on top of cheese. Bake/grill until cheese slightly browned.

Serve with roast chicken wings/mash potato/salad

Thanks to Allah for providing enough of everything as many out there are not as fortunate.
Let's do our bit whenever and wherever we can. Read more


  1. serious, memang best..selalu wife saya baked dgn cheese..terbaik!

    Kalau murah macam cendawan grey oyster tu, hari2 saya beli! :P

  2. Yes sedap sedap sedap kan? meh kita join venture culture portobelo nak?

  3. huk3
    dah lme x merasa makanan cenggini

  4. makchak, sedapnya! baca blog makchak smlm terus bagitau kat fariq nak makan steak. eventhough tadak kena mengena ngan portobelo. haha.

  5. Salam makcik,
    never tried portobello before. The color looks very much like siitake but larger in size. Anyway, stuffed gini memang best. yummy! :)

  6. Dyana,

    Dah dapat steak? Makcaq pun buat steak semalam.....

  7. Aimie,

    Dalam gambar apa pun sedap.......tapi memang sedap punnnn :))

  8. Ijan,
    Rasa cam fresh shitake tu je cuma bigger hence meatier

  9. Hello Makcik, you the kind of wife husbands love to come home to lepas office....not knowing or what to expect for dinner.

    And this 'porto whatever' ha ha....looks really delicious....masuk mulut tentu look at wife and say the three words last spoken on first night of honeybulan, arhaaaa ha ha ha.

    For me if you jemput saya datang makan, I will say, 2 words.....kalau tiga tu chari pasal,...."outstanding, Makcik"!

    Makcik, if and when you cook itu ikan terbuk steamed, I think, wrapped with banana leaf, with some sambal, send me telegram.
    You have a nice day, stay young.

  10. Uncle Lee,
    Now i hv to wonder why my earlier reply to you was not published......hmmmm
    well, this portobello taste like shitake...a little meatier since bigger i think.
    you have a wonderful week.