Monday, March 11, 2013

Canadian Lemony Coconut Cream Cupcakes....

Of the Story and the Recipe...........

Come weekend, cycling is, at the moment, the most looked forward to hobby.

Last sunday, while heading home, we de-toured into the streets.....The Penang Heritage streets....

Every Sunday, streets around these area are closed to vehicles, except for bicycles.
It is time for families to cycle freely around the area.

While some use own bicycle, others who came from far can rent them.

here   or  here

 :=D...nak sewa basikal makcik n pakcik pun boleh, tapi nak kayuh dari rumah makcik ke tempat tu adalah abt 20 km.......silalah letak pad pada seluar anda...kematu nanti

letih laaa...tumpang duduk sat naaa......

Jangan la nangis chek...makcik nak posing jaaa

Tak dan (sempat) nak ready aih

Actually makcik tak stop rata2 to see all, infact i haven't been to some of these places too, yet call myself a penangite.

Tengok kembara ciksiti, dia pun ada kesana jugak

Tak tau semangat apa yang masuk kat makcik ....rajin pulak minggu ni.

Kawan dari jauh ni ada bagi resepi, so makcik cuba lah.

He is no cook, however he has lots of recipes on how to capture a woman's heart.

TQ Uncle Lee , allow me to share this nice and simple recipe;

 Canadian Lemony Coconut Cream Cupcakes.

Makes: 1 dozen cupcakes
Cooking time: 45 minutes hands-on, roughly 1.5 hours total
Difficulty: Easy

Source: Uncle Lee

1/2 cup butter
1 cup plain sugar - I used 3/4 cup
2 eggs
2 tbsp grated lemon zest
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup shredded coconut - i used desiccated coconut
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup coconut cream (or coconut milk, or just plain milk)  - I used milk


Pre-heat oven to 350 F / 180 C. Soften butter slightly in microwave, beat with sugar and eggs until light. 
Add lemon zest. In separate bowl, mix together flour, coconut, baking powder, and salt. 
Pour half of the dry ingredients onto the wet ingredients with half the coconut cream, stir just until combined. Repeat with the rest of the dry ingredients and coconut cream.

Spoon batter into 12 paper-lined muffin cups. Bake for 18-20 minutes, until tops are golden. 
Remove from oven and allow to cool completely before icing.

Icing: Warm 2 tbsp each butter and cream cheese in microwave. 
Add 2 tbsp lemon juice, mix until blended. Add about 1/2 cup icing sugar and stir to remove any lumps. 
Continue adding icing sugar until icing is thick, but still a little bit soft. 

Drop (about) a tablespoon of icing onto each cupcake, sprinkle with additional coconut. 
Allow icing to set for about an hour before serving. Enjoy!



  1. Hi Makcik, Holy Smoke! You did it! Wish I can have some of that delicious cupcakes. I can just imagine the lemon scent.
    And you did it so well too. Outstanding!
    Yes, I eat to live, not live to eat, but I collect recipes for my 1st wife, ha ha...
    Only one actually.
    And your well taken pics says it all....they really look sinfully delicious!

    Ha ha, I suka your lively humour with your bicycles...and had to look twice only noticed it is a drawing on the wall.
    You and hubby really look macham nak race on the 'Tour de France', ha ha. Love your outfits.

    Waa, go cycling pun ada pakai designer outfit! Wayyyy to go, Makcik!
    When I balek kampong I want to go cycling with you and way of seeing places. But must put 'L' sign behind the seat as I have not sat on a bicycle more than 45 years!
    Have fun Makcik, and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

    1. Yes Lee I did it and sedap.

      The pics should have been better if i were to take my hubby's advice....use proper camera...he bought me dslr but i complain too bulky to take around...he gave me pocket camera.....complain i don't have pocket..HAHAHA....i only use my phone camera as i take them everywhere i go.

      Cycling? yes, this time hubby requested me to post the pics as well because his colleague (the one in yellow) would love to see herself in my blog.

      You come to penang and we can go cycling....can visit your friend as well...if i am not wrong, itu Al your friend live here i suppose..

      have a good week and always put a smile on your face.

  2. makcik kena pusing sampai abis armenian street tu, banyak sculpture yg sgt2 la menarik.tapi zie tak cycling hehehe pusing ngan motor,aci tak?
    sedapnya..pos sikit.guna alamat opis.umah takde orang hehehe

    1. itu lah zie...hari tu makcik tgk enty zie pun ada jln2 sini...pusing ngan motor okay pa...romantik....nak lalu celah mana pun senang kan....

      kek? ok ok nanti bila2 buat makcik pi hantaq special ke komtar...boleh?

  3. makcik, haritu masa city walk new year 2013, saya sampai lah ke tempat2 hak dalam gambar makcik tuuu.....

    1. makcik pun round tak habis lah dinie....kalau org luaq tanya...hmmm malu la jugak kan

  4. Aahhh....
    saya dah lama nak cari lukisan-lukisan ni...!!


  5. rajin betul la makcik...saya terpaksa gantung oven mitten dulu sampai April, oven problem la...lama betul nak tunggu sparepart....kalau spare part takder, terpaksa la beli oven baru huhuhu...

    banyak kali dah saya ke takder jumpa pun gambar kat dinding tu... lenkali nak cari jugak la...nak posing kat situ bua tkenangan hehe..
    thanks for sharing everything here...

    1. gantung mitten? oh....tak pa Q, kita buat kek n such guna steamer pulak.....sementara oven nak ok..

  6. Salam MCk.. Kalau akak queenie gantun mitten sebab oven roasak.. saya gantung (tapi tak de la gantung sgt) sebab pegelangan tangan saya rosak (sakit seliuh)..

  7. Pergelangan terseliuh tu alamat kena gantung banyak perkara...tak apa relax jgn gantung diri dah le...:)).

    makcik pun bahu/neck masih tak baik....pergerakan pun agak terhad.

  8. Wah.....u look so gorgeous in ur cycling attire! Dulu2 kami sekeluarga rajin berbasikal but sad to say....all the bicycles dh pancit tayarnya n dh karat. N also my che abg pulak instead dh turn to golf...n I pulak sibuk ke gym....(sometimes)!

    1. TQ liza....basikal ni baru lagi...pakcik dah tinggalkan golf longggg time dah, cuma once a blue moon bila diperlukan baru dia main.

  9. thanks makcik kantin linking my entry here.

    haa..tu ada je posing dengan mural-mural tu semua...nice..great time kan..? nak kena buat routine lah cycling macam ni.

    lovely cupcakes...tak rajin nak membaking..saya rajin makan je...haha.

    1. Thx again siti...makcik suka yr entry actually...lively and informative...ala ala visit penang gitu. :))

      bila bila senang mai lah rumah boleh kita kenal kenal kan....tapi kena bgtau awai sikit la....kalau mai terjah ja...hmmmm kayu la

  10. Love cycling activities too but just Like Uncle Lee said I have not seat on a bicycle more than 10-15 yrs. Heeee....cepat kematu ..