Saturday, January 31, 2009

Singapore fling

The Chinese New Year public holidays saw us packing again...this time to Singapore. We took the bus to KL, spent a night at a hotel as we did not want to bother my SIL (who also just came back from a family event).
The bus ride was smooth but I like the hotel we stayed that night, no frills - you pay extra if you need to use aircond, tv etc. As we only need a short sleep before our next bus ride early the next morning, we only pay RM81 for the basic....seen here the design on the wall.....Tune Hotel

Our four and a half hour (supposedly 5 hrs) bus ride to S'pore the next day was a smooth one, no traffic jam & no queuing even at the immigration, so we thought we 'might be the only creatures' there- happy happy.
Arriving hotel at noon (we booked the hotel where our bus stops, located @ Dunearn Rd), we registered Sentosa Island Sunset Tour due 3pm that day @ S$60/pax. Our judgement of being the only ones in S'pore proved otherwise. There were many tour buses, lots & lots of people! There's no way for us to turn back, so we took the cable car to Sentosa, seeing more people there. The underwater world was suppose to be very nice, but too crowded, you can 't really enjoy. Cannot blame the crowd as it was holiday kannnn so follow the flow lah. Then i heard the tourist guide mentioning 'song of the sea'(we were actually 'blurred' by the noise & crowd). I thought we were only going to hear the waves but the show proved to be the best for that day. The set was located at the shoreline,the audience sat on benches at the beach. The show was brilliantly choreographed, all I can say was.....AMAZING! That was the last stop for the package tour before we returned to the hotel late evening. And we decided:- no more package tour! not because it's not good but its just too crowded.

The next morning, we took the shuttle to Orchard Road. Many people but manageable. We spent time having al-fresco breakfast(McD) at the corner of Scott Rd/Claymore Hill, sipping coffee munching muffin....tengoklah apa girl tu buat kat my Cappucino , she definitely made my day.

We spent that day walking and walking and walking...tak ada tujuan but just window shopping, enjoying every single minute watching people passing by & items on sale in the shops; Lucky plaza, Takashimaya, Paragon,Tangs, wheelock ....... Letih jalan we stop to rest. Tengahari after lunch, we went to Mustaffa Centre (or little India they call it) to jamu mata. You can find almost every item there; phones, clothes, audio, video, sports stuffs, household items, gold (glitter glitter) and list go on....

That night after dinner(vegetarian) at a vietnamese restaurant, we headed to the Esplanade. Hubby dok sibuk dengan camera dia lah click sana clack sini...while I enjoyed the surroundings. This trip was actually a compensation; during our last trip in 2007, I fell sick the moment we arrived S'pore & only managed to see the 4 walls of the hotel room the entire duration of the trip.

We resume the next day; again @ Scott Rd/Orchard Rd, we like it purchase, just enjoy the walk. As usual, I like to note the names of the road;- Buyong Rd, Bt Timah Rd, Serangon Rd, Bras Basah Rd,Victoria St, Kerbau Rd, Lembu Rd, Kg Kapor Rd, Tembeling Rd, Lor Sireh Pinang ( i assume Lor=lorong), Langsat Rd, Haji Lane, Sultan Gate, Kg Glam, Tlk Blangah Rd...the list goes on....
We also visited Golden Mile Complex, also known as little Thailand (for lunch actually). This complex houses the bus terminal to Thailand and you can find most items from Thailand here.
There are many more places we missed, Jurong Bird Park, Zoo, Arab St, Geylang Serai-just to name a few but we definitely enjoyed our times being together there. After 3 nights, we said goodbye to S'pore and headed home......

Till then......

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